10-Minute Diss track ‘The Black Slim Shady,’ The GameOn The Vicious Goes Hard At Eminem


On the ten-minute diss track “The Black Slim Shady,” The Game has a lot to say. And, as the title of the Hit-Boy-produced track from Game’s new album, Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind, suggests, the majority of his thoughts appear to be about Marshall Mathers.


The Compton MC doesn’t let up on the track, which includes a skit with an Uber driver and a trip around Detroit to “somewhere near 8 Mile,” where Game discovers that the driver is the brother of “Stan,” who famously dies on Eminem’s classic 2000 obsessed-fan saga “Stan.”

But, before that, Game is relentless in his pursuit of dissing Eminem, pausing only to throw haymakers at former mentor/producer Dr. Dre, as well as references to Marshall’s daughter Hailie and anyone else who gets in his way.
“I killed Dr. Dre in my basement last night/ I was wasted last night, I went ape s-t last night,” Game raps over Big Duke and Brian King Joseph’s bounce track. “I chopped up his body and forgot where I put it last night,” he says as an afterthought, before making jokes about losing his sense of taste and smell and inviting Omarion and Dr. Anthony Fauci to a strip club.


“With the voice that defied rhymes will force the blind eye/ To see that I was in the white Rolls Royce with five.9’s/ When you was pretendin’ to be the white Royce da 5’9,” some of the lyrics say. I just stepped over a very thin line. Game’s line “Might just force the white guy to call D12 so he can be the pork they grind, swine/ And the biggest rapper in Detroit, that award” refers to Em’s group D-12 and Shad, the city’s biggest rapper.
So, ficky-ficky Slim Shady, please stand up/ Shoot the fade with me, I’d love to put these hands up/ Unarmed, 40 Glock you/ Drop the world on your head with one arm,” Game continues before getting personal and attempting to dethrone Marshall as MC G.O.A.T. “Dear Slim, Hailie is with me and is safe for the time being (Dad, I’m terrified).” These are my darkest secrets, and I am on high alert… Biggie and Pac would not rank you among their top five. Now is the time to sniff a white line and tell the truth, André and Nas.

“I’m crazy/ I’m crazy/ I’m not Mr. Nice Guy/ Dre know/ I’m crazy/ Way to f-kin’ go,” Game admits as he crosses the bridge. Game, on the other hand, continues the assault in the fourth verse by attacking Marshall, his former label and its former boss (Jimmy Iovine), as well as Game’s long-estranged rhyme partner 50 Cent.
As the saying goes, you “pissed off” Jimmy, Universal, and Interscope. I’m on a mission with Jimmy, Slim, 50, and Universal. Because I’m shadier than he is, crazier than Kim, and crazier than the two of us combined. I hope you live long enough to see the Bat Signal appear in the sky above the city and the heroes become the bad guys. You think I’m the Joker, don’t you? What about this for a puzzle? “Do you adore your mother?” Following a brief rap, he begins quoting some of Eminem’s earlier work.


To quote a popular rap song, “Well, I’m cleaning out your closet for you and your half-brother.” And I told you I wanted to go to 8 Mile when I was in Detroit. Because I used to have to walk eight miles to get some M&Ms when I was a kid. “But you wouldn’t leave the studio, your life is on loop/ That’s why I’m doggy in style, ’cause n—-as rather bump Snoop,” Game continues. “Hello?” for example. Hello?/ Dr. Dre?/ Pagination?” Allow Curtis [50 Cent] to write the rhymes for you, even if he doesn’t have much to say. Em appears to pause before throwing another haymaker to consider his fashion choices (“the sweatpants, the dad hat, the do-rag, and no jewellery”) and his beauty routine (“did you re-dye your beard, get another face lift, or do shrooms in your mom’s basement?”). “Don’t be shady, Mr. Shady,” “pick up that pen, don’t be lazy,” “call up Dre and get that Dre beat,” “jump off stage if s-t gets crazy,” and so on. The Compton MC’s whisper-raps in the song’s fade-out are the latest in a series of jabs at Em in recent months, including calling him an overrated MC in March.

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