Ana Obregon’s Financial Crisis: Allegations And Defenses Surrounding Aless Lequio Foundation


In a surprising turn of events, renowned Spanish actress and presenter Ana Obregon finds herself entangled in allegations of financial impropriety related to the management of the Aless Lequio Foundation. The foundation, dedicated to funding cancer research in young individuals, and named after Obregon’s late son, Aless, is now under scrutiny for potential deviations from its intended mission.


Discrepancies in Financial Contributions

The controversy centers around the proceeds from Obregon’s book, ‘The Boy of the Shrews,’ and earnings from media exclusives featuring her daughter-granddaughter, Ana Sandra. Initially pledged to support sarcoma Ewing research within the foundation, a confidential source claims that the 2023 financial documents reveal no record of these contributions from the actress.

The Largest Donation Raises Eyebrows

"Spanish actress Ana Obregon defends against financial irregularity accusations over Aless Lequio Foundation. Uncover the controversy and her staunch rebuttal here."

Surprisingly, the most significant contribution to the foundation, totaling four million euros along with an office space, did not come from Obregon. Instead, it originated from a friend of Alessandro Lequio, the foundation’s vice president and Aless’s father. While smaller donations have been utilized in the fight against cancer, the alleged lack of contribution from the foundation’s head raises concerns.


Obregon’s Defense Against Accusations

Obregon vehemently denies the allegations of financial impropriety, insisting that the funds from her book and media exclusives did reach the foundation. She reiterates her dedication to the cause, emphasizing the importance of continuing her son’s legacy through both the foundation and her literary work.

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