Andy Cohen’s Candid Revelation: How I Got Scammed And Lost A Significant Amount


Renowned TV host Andy Cohen recently shared a personal experience of being scammed, resulting in a substantial financial loss. In a candid discussion on his podcast, “Andy Cohen’s Daddy Diaries,” aired on December 22, Cohen revealed the details of the incident and offered advice to others who might find themselves in similar situations.


The Scam Unfolds

"TV host Andy Cohen opens up about falling victim to a scam, losing substantial money. Learn from his experience and get valuable advice on avoiding scams."

Cohen narrated that the scam began with a call from someone claiming to be from his bank’s fraud alert department. The caller informed him about potential fraudulent activities related to his lost bank card, creating a sense of urgency.

Mistakes Made

Despite receiving warning signs, Cohen admitted to entering his Apple ID and password on a suspicious webpage. He realized later that this might have given scammers access to his bank app. He expressed regret for not handling the situation differently, such as asking to call back or visiting the bank in person.


Deceptive Call

The scam escalated when Cohen received a call appearing to be from his bank, where the scammer listed charges on his account. Unfortunately, Cohen stayed on the call for over an hour, providing information and even entering numbers as instructed by the scammer.

Discovery and Aftermath

After realizing the call forwarding feature was activated on his phone without his knowledge, Cohen sought help from the bank. However, due to call forwarding, the calls meant for him went to the scammers, who confirmed fraudulent wire transfers.


Bank Visit and Loss

The TV host, unaware of the ongoing scam, visited the bank the next day only to discover significant amounts had been wired out of his accounts. He highlighted the importance of physically going to the bank in such situations.

Advice to Others

Cohen concluded by advising people to visit their bank branches in person if they suspect fraudulent activity. He emphasized scrutinizing email addresses and verifying their authenticity, especially when receiving emails related to banking matters.

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