Breaking Dawn: Inside MSNBC’s Bold Weekend Morning Show Revitalization


On January 13, MSNBC is set to launch its revamped weekend morning show, “The Weekend.” Co-hosted by Symone Sanders-Townsend, Alicia Menendez, and Michael Steele, the program aims to provide viewers with a casual and conversational look at the news, complemented by original reporting and interviews. In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the hosts share their goals, perspectives, and what viewers can expect from the new show.


The Show’s Purpose and Goals

"Dive into the revamped weekend mornings on MSNBC! Discover the new hosts, engaging segments, and the vibrant pulse of fresh perspectives in news broadcasting."

The hosts, Symone Sanders-Townsend, Alicia Menendez, and Michael Steele, express their commitment to making “The Weekend” a go-to destination for viewers starting their weekends with the latest news. With the backdrop of a consequential election season, they aim to discuss and analyze political developments, legal issues, and provide insights into the 2024 presidential election.

Diverse and Trusted Voices

Sanders-Townsend emphasizes the diversity in background, thought, ideology, and experience among the hosts, making them trusted voices for MSNBC viewers. Michael Steele reflects on his positive experience at MSNBC, highlighting the diversity of perspectives on the network. The hosts aim to create engaging, respectful, and informative conversations that resonate with the audience.


Engaging the Morning Audience

The hosts recognize the unique morning audience, still in their bathrobes and sipping coffee. They emphasize the importance of creating a comfortable and informative space for viewers, providing a fresh take on weekend news that goes beyond mere recaps. The goal is to engage the audience with conversations that are respectful, informative, and consistent with the news.

Incorporating Original Journalism

“The Weekend” plans to incorporate original journalism by leveraging the pool of talented reporters at MSNBC and NBC News. The hosts highlight their access to breaking news and plan to feature in-depth conversations with newsmaking journalists, bringing fresh reporting to viewers each weekend.


Building a Connection with the Audience

The hosts discuss the evolving relationship among themselves and with the audience. They aim to create a dynamic and engaging show by infusing their personalities into the news, dropping hints and creating moments that resonate with viewers. The goal is to provide a unique and enjoyable viewing experience.

Focus on the 2024 Election and Beyond

Launching just ahead of the Iowa caucuses, “The Weekend” recognizes the significance of the 2024 election year. The hosts express their focus on global issues, environmental concerns, the legal and political dynamics surrounding Donald Trump, and the evolving landscape within the Republican Party. They also highlight the importance of covering the emerging electoral majority and ensuring their perspectives are given due attention.

Looking Forward to a Consequential Year

As the hosts gear up for the launch of “The Weekend,” they express excitement about covering the most consequential election in recent history. With a commitment to providing comprehensive news coverage, engaging discussions, and a touch of their personalities, Symone Sanders-Townsend, Alicia Menendez, and Michael Steele are ready to keep viewers informed and entertained every Saturday and Sunday morning.

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