Canton Father and Son’s Amazing Streak: Attending Every Hall Of Fame Game Since 1990!


Rick Williams and his son Richie Williams have achieved an incredible feat by attending every Hall of Fame Game since 1990. This remarkable streak has been a testament to their unwavering love for football and their cherished tradition of experiencing the season’s kickoff right here in Canton.


A Love for Football That Spans Generations

Meet Rick and Richie Williams, the dynamic father-son duo from Canton who haven't missed a single Hall of Fame Game together since 1990. Discover their heartwarming memories, traditions, and the generations-long love for football that runs in their family.

The passion for football runs deep in the Williams family. Rick Williams attended his first Hall of Fame game back in 1969 and has been a devoted fan ever since. When Richie was only 4 years old, he joined his father in experiencing his first game in 1990. Little did they know that this would be the start of a lifelong tradition that continues to this day.

Fond Memories and Traditions Built Over the Years

Throughout their 33-year streak, Rick and Richie Williams have accumulated countless memories and traditions that have enriched their football experience. Some of their fondest memories include meeting football legends like Reggie White and obtaining autographs from players like Kurt Warner. These encounters have added a special touch to their Hall of Fame journeys.


Witnessing the Hall of Fame’s Evolution

Over the years, Rick and Richie have had the privilege of witnessing the Hall of Fame’s evolution. From its humble beginnings as just a rotunda to the expansion of the Hall of Fame Village, they have been a part of this historical growth that is putting Canton back on the map in a positive way.

A Generational Love for Football

The love for football in the Williams family has been passed down from generation to generation. Rick’s father, Frank Williams, played a significant role in fostering his son’s love for the game, creating lasting memories during their football outings. Now, with a daughter of his own, Richie hopes to carry on the tradition and create new cherished memories with his 3-year-old daughter, Quinn.


The Tradition Continues

As the Cleveland Browns face the New York Jets tonight in what will be their 33rd consecutive Hall of Fame Game, Rick and Richie Williams eagerly look forward to continuing their tradition of football excitement, family bonding, and celebrating the legends of the game.

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