Caroline Of ‘My Mum, Your Dad’ Opens Up About ‘Cocky’ Co-Star And Unusual Sleeping Arrangements


Caroline, a contestant on ITV’s ‘My Mum, Your Dad,’ recently spilled the beans on her experiences during the show, sharing her thoughts on co-stars and the unique sleeping arrangements.


The Mansion with a Twist

Caroline from 'My Mum, Your Dad' shares insights on a 'cocky' co-star and the surprising sleeping arrangements during filming.

Caroline gave a glimpse into the surprising sleeping setup during the show, revealing that the participants were housed in a ten-bedroom mansion. At first, she had a room to herself, but that didn’t last long.

Bedroom Buddies

As more contestants entered the scene, Caroline’s bedroom became a shared space. Janey joined her, followed by Tallulah, leading to three roommates in a single bedroom. The boys, Paul and Elliot, had a similar experience, going from individual bedrooms to room-sharing.


Gender Segregation Policy

Caroline emphasized that the show had a strict gender segregation policy in place, ensuring that there was no chance for romantic bed-hopping, in stark contrast to reality shows like Love Island.

No Love, But Lifelong Friendship

Discussing her love interests on the show, Caroline admitted she didn’t find romance but formed a lasting friendship with Clayton. They even FaceTimed daily, highlighting their strong bond. Caroline clarified that while they were great friends, there was no romantic connection between them.


Martin M: Not as Bad as He Seems

Caroline also addressed the behavior of fellow contestant Martin M, defending him against the portrayal on camera. She found him charismatic and funny, believing he genuinely liked both ladies, Tallulah and Monique. However, she acknowledged that he played the game to some extent.

A Hint of Cockiness

Caroline didn’t hold back from calling Martin M “cocky,” pointing out his self-assured attitude when entering the retreat, which might have been challenging for other participants to match.

Caroline’s candid revelations provide a peek behind the scenes of ‘My Mum, Your Dad,’ shedding light on the unique dynamics and challenges faced by the contestants.

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