Celebrating Exceptional Men And Inspiring Change: The EMY Africa Awards


Ghanaian show promoter, Kojo Soboh, is on a mission to celebrate and inspire exceptional African men through the EMY Africa Awards. Launched around eight years ago, this prestigious event has witnessed remarkable growth and impact. In an exclusive interview, Soboh discusses his passion, research findings, and the upcoming EMY Africa Awards Soiree in Lagos.


A Platform for Exceptional Men

Soboh’s EMY Africa Awards is a dedicated platform that recognizes outstanding men for their remarkable achievements and significant contributions to the African continent. The award not only celebrates their accomplishments but also aims to drive positive change across Africa and beyond.

Inspiring Excellence and Change

The heart of ‘EMY Takes Lagos’ lies in its mission to inspire excellence and positive change among young men. Soboh’s vision is to create a space for like-minded young achievers, game changers, and innovators who are making strides in various fields. This gathering, held with a Pan-African spirit, seeks to uplift men and break away from negative stereotypes.


Celebrating Visionary Men

The EMY winners’ circle includes visionary individuals such as Akinwumi Adesina, Tony Elumelu, Richard Mofe-Damijo, and others who have demonstrated exceptional excellence and influence. This year’s event features distinguished Nigerian actors like Tobi Bakre and Chidi Mokeme, alongside other notable honorees.

Transformative Impact

The EMY Awards have made a significant impact over the years, becoming a premier event in Ghana and across Africa. The event not only celebrates achievements but also fosters mentorship and personal connections. Young boys are inspired by interacting with accomplished individuals, shaping their perspectives on positive masculinity.


Uniting Africa Through Excellence

The EMY Africa Awards serve as a unifying force by bringing together prominent personalities from various African countries. This gathering offers opportunities for business and personal connections, contributing to the larger goal of fostering unity among Africans.

Lessons Learned and Consistent Vision

Explore the journey of EMY Africa Awards, a platform that spotlights exceptional African men and their remarkable achievements. Kojo Soboh's passion for positive change drives the event, and the upcoming EMY Takes Lagos soiree is set to inspire and celebrate a new generation of leaders.

Soboh emphasizes the importance of consistency and self-belief in pursuing one’s vision. Despite initial challenges, his commitment to spotlighting exceptional men has yielded fruitful results. The project has not only celebrated achievers but has also facilitated invaluable connections.

A Bright Future

With Nigeria hosting this year’s pre-award event and an impressive lineup of Nigerian awardees, Soboh envisions more international expansions for the EMY Awards. This marks the beginning of a series of pre-award events in various African countries, including Kenya and South Africa.

As the EMY Africa Awards continue to shine a spotlight on exceptional men and drive positive change, Soboh’s dedication underscores the transformative power of celebrating achievements and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

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