Celebrities React To Tyre Nichols’ Death By Saying, “We Demand Justice,” Including Justin Timberlake And Questlove


Tyre Nichols, who passed away earlier this month after getting into a fight with Memphis Police Department officers during a Tennessee traffic stop, was among the celebrities who posted comments about him on social media. These included Justin Timberlake, Questlove, Ciara, Viola Davis, and Tyler Perry.

The beating that resulted in the 29-year-hospitalization old’s and subsequent death from his injuries was captured on body camera and surveillance footage of the Jan. 7 stop, which were made public on Friday (Jan. 27). The video shows Nichols yelling for his mother and stating to the officers, “I’m just trying to get home.” The five fired police officers were charged with murder on Thursday.

Perry shared a snapshot of Nichols on Instagram and wrote about his own internal struggle over whether to watch the video of the encounter. He commented of initially wishing to avoid the video: “Many people can’t envision it happening to them because honestly, it never will.” I would cover my ears and block out the outside noise because I was eager to experience that space just once.

“So today I will cry, I will be depressed, I will curse, I will be outraged, I will want to burn some shit up, I will be in agony, I will let my heart break for his family, I will moan with his tenor harmony from my own experience that is every Black man that’s ever called for the safety of the arms of mamma, I will inaudibly scream,” he continued, explaining that his goal “wasn’t possible.”Tyre Nichols Death Reactions from Hollywood | IndieWire

Debbie Allen, Tina Knowles, and Kym Whitley were a few of the commenters who gave Perry’s post high marks. Knowingly termed what she saw as “heartbreaking,” Knowles stated that she, too, debated whether to watch but ultimately “was compelled to make myself see it.”

I’m just trying to get home is written in white over a black square, which Davis and Niecy Nash both shared on Instagram. A remark credited to MeToo pioneer Tarana Burke appeared in the description of their similar posts and said, “Sometimes a hope. Occasionally a prayer Occasionally, a frustration Occasionally, a fear Occasionally impossible The hashtag #werehereagain was also used in the posts.

Memphis-native Timberlake tweeted that he was upset and furious. He wrote, “I stand with Memphis and the people as we demand justice and responsibility.”

Several posts and messages regarding the incident were shared by Questlove, one of which urged people not to watch the video: “For The Love Of God. Torture p*rn won’t do your soul any good.

W. Kamau Bell was one of the social media users drawing parallels between today’s events and the 1991 beating of Rodney King by police. Bell wrote, “I recall the Rodney King assault. “I recall how many of us believed the video would change things because it provided “evidence.” Today, we can watch videos of the police abusing us every day. This HD video frequently originates from the police. Nothing alters.

LeBron James shared a tweet from Brittany Packnett Cunningham, a podcast presenter and activist, highlighting systemic racism and the fact that all five of the policemen involved in the traffic stop are Black. Then James exclaimed, “Too factual!”


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