Culinary Clash: MasterChef Critics Face Off And Dawn French’s Unforgettable Moments – What To Watch Tonight!


Critics Jay Rayner, Jimi Famurewa, Grace Dent, William Sitwell, and Leyla Kazim don their aprons in a culinary face-off. Judgment comes from Gregg Wallace, John Torode, and three former MasterChef champions. The challenge? Cooking for a critical audience proves to be a tougher business than it looks.


Top of the Pops Review of the Year 2023 (6.30pm, BBC Two)

"Join the culinary battle on MasterChef as critics like Jay Rayner and Grace Dent compete. Plus, don't miss Dawn French's hilarious revelations. Your ultimate TV guide for tonight!"

Clara Amfo takes us on a nostalgic journey through the most electrifying performances of the year, including Elton John’s Glastonbury debut. Expect insights from Mercury prize winners Ezra Collective and a closer look at Madonna’s triumphant return to music.

The Big Soap Quiz: Coronation Street v Emmerdale (8pm, ITV1)

Emmerdale, under the captaincy of Mark Charnock, defends its reigning champion title against Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd and his crack team. This annual grudge match between soap behemoths has become a raucous festive fixture.


Britain’s Favourite 70s Sitcoms (8pm, Channel 5)

Take a trip down memory lane with a look back at the garish but gung-ho decade of UK TV comedy. Featuring behind-the-scenes stories from The Good Life, Fawlty Towers, and more.

Dawn French Is a Huge Tw*t (10.30pm, BBC One)

Dawn French shares her most excruciating moments in this recording of her hit show from this year. Get ready for top celebrity anecdotes on “Sir Kenneth of the Branagh” and Dustin Hoffman, along with tales of her audition for Mamma Mia!


Aretha Franklin in Amsterdam 1968 (11.50pm, BBC Two)

Experience Aretha at her peak in this performance, drenched in sweat on a stage surrounded by groovy people. Expect pepped-up versions of classics like Chain of Fools, (Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone, and Respect.

Film Choices for Today

Police Academy (11.50am, Channel 5)

Channel 5 brings back the wildly inappropriate classic from 1984. A Saturday morning kids’ cartoon turned movie, full of swearing, smoking, and implied oral sex. Brace yourself for either heavy censorship or wild inappropriateness.

Respect (9pm, BBC Two)

A biographical drama on Aretha Franklin’s life and rise to fame. Jennifer Hudson’s belting, blazing performance almost singlehandedly props up the entire enterprise.

The Ten Commandments (1.10pm, Channel 4)

Cecil B DeMille’s gargantuan epic, almost 70 years old, fills an entire afternoon on television. The story of Moses (Charlton Heston) with maximum attention given to pure mid-20th-century spectacle.

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