Dave Meltzer Unveils WWE And AEW’s Internal Responses To Recent STARDOM Firing


Last night, STARDOM, the Japanese wrestling promotion, faced a significant shakeup as co-founder Rossy Ogawa was ousted by parent company Bushiroad, accusing him of talent poaching. Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer sheds light on the repercussions within WWE and AEW.


WWE’s Past Interest in STARDOM and Impending Changes

Dave Meltzer Unravels WWE’s Attempt to Collaborate

"Dive into Dave Meltzer's revelations on WWE and AEW's reactions to STARDOM's upheaval, exploring backstage dynamics and Rossy Ogawa's departure."

Meltzer reveals that WWE had previously expressed interest in collaborating with STARDOM a few months ago. Speculation arises about the potential implications of Ogawa’s departure and WWE’s stance on the matter.

AEW’s Pursuit of STARDOM Talent and Optimism Amidst Departure

Tony Khan’s Reaction and AEW’s Prospects

Dave Meltzer explores AEW’s attempts to bring in STARDOM talent, highlighting challenges faced in previous negotiations. Tony Khan’s optimistic reaction suggests a positive outlook for a potential AEW-STARDOM collaboration.


Insights into Rossy Ogawa’s STARDOM Departure

Meltzer Discusses Ogawa’s Role, Sale, and Company Dynamics

Meltzer delves into the backstory of Ogawa’s departure, detailing his role in founding STARDOM and the events leading to the sale to Bushiroad. Discontentment among talent, booking disagreements, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are examined.

Ogawa’s Future Plans and STARDOM Roster Uncertainty

Early Departure, Accusations, and Speculation on Next Moves

Despite an initially planned departure date of February 18, Ogawa was released earlier amidst accusations of attempting to take performers and staff with him. Meltzer speculates on Ogawa’s potential next steps and the uncertain fate of STARDOM’s roster.


Speculation on Ogawa’s Potential Involvement with WWE

Rumors Surrounding Ogawa’s Next Venture

As Ogawa contemplates his next move, there are speculations about his possible involvement with WWE. Meltzer provides insights into the ongoing speculation and the timeline for decisions regarding talent contracts.

STARDOM Roster’s Future Post-Ogawa

March Predictions for Talent Departures and Retentions

Meltzer anticipates changes in STARDOM’s roster come March, predicting departures and potential joiners in Ogawa’s future venture. The article concludes with the acknowledgment of uncertainties surrounding STARDOM’s future in the wrestling landscape.

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