Dejounte Murray’s Instagram Sparks Lakers Trade Buzz After Hawks Fan Clash


Dejounte Murray, the talented basketball player, finds himself at the center of trade speculations, particularly with the Los Angeles Lakers. The catalyst for these rumors is his recent activity on Instagram, where he engaged in a heated exchange with Atlanta Hawks fans.


Instagram Purge: Murray Erases All Traces of Hawks Affiliation

"Discover the latest in NBA trade rumors as Dejounte Murray fuels Lakers speculation by deleting Hawks-related posts amid a heated fan exchange. Get insights on the Instagram drama and potential trade moves ahead of the NBA deadline."

In the aftermath of a back-and-forth with Hawks supporters regarding his on-court performance, Murray took a drastic step by deleting all Instagram posts related to the Atlanta Hawks. Notably, the lone remaining video featuring him in a Hawks jersey captures his game-winning moment against the Miami Heat on Jan. 19.

Lakers and Hawks Trade Talks Intensify

Amid the social media drama, NBA rumors suggest ongoing discussions between the Lakers and Hawks regarding a potential trade involving Murray. The Lakers seem to be leading the race to acquire Murray’s services before the looming NBA trade deadline.


The Instagram Makeover: A Closer Look

A glimpse into Murray’s Instagram profile reveals a significant transformation, with only one post retaining his association with the Hawks. Some posts showcasing Hawks gear are linked to Murray’s personal updates, such as changes in his hairstyle or outfits.

Murray’s Provocative Instagram Caption Raises Eyebrows

Preceding the purge of his Instagram feed, Murray posted an image with a caption that seemed to taunt his fans. His message emphasized the insignificance of social media and urged people to prioritize real-life happiness.


Analyzing Murray’s Spat with Hawks Fans

Defensive Criticism: Fan Discontent Sparks Social Media Outrage

Despite Murray’s outstanding two-way performance throughout his NBA career, recent offensive success hasn’t shielded him from criticism. Hawks fans voiced concerns about a perceived drop in his defensive efficiency, leading to a pointed exchange on social media.

Murray’s Outrage: A Potential Turning Point

The online altercation pushed Murray to express his frustration in a subsequent Instagram post, hinting that it might be the final straw in his time with the Atlanta Hawks. This intensifies speculation about an imminent trade move based on Murray’s off-court activities.

Lakers’ Pursuit of Murray: Trade Front Insights

Top Priority for the Lakers

Lakers’ beat writer Jovan Buha reveals that Dejounte Murray is a high-priority target for the Los Angeles Lakers. Discussions with the Hawks have reportedly included the potential inclusion of D’Angelo Russell, although the Hawks are not interested in Russell.

Third-Party Involvement: Expanding Trade Possibilities

Considering Atlanta’s preference for an expiring contract in exchange for Murray, the involvement of a third team becomes likely. Russell’s player option after the current year adds complexity, potentially making him a short-term rental for any team involved.

Russell’s Performance Impact: Lakers Face Decisions

Russell’s improved production and efficiency, especially after being reinstated in the starting lineup, create a dilemma for the Lakers as the trade deadline approaches. Whether he stays in LA until the season’s end or becomes part of a trade remains uncertain.

In the midst of these developments, the NBA trade landscape is dynamic, with potential big moves on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates on the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline.

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