Dodger Stadium Not Flooded After Storm Hilary, Contrary To Viral Photo


Amid the aftermath of Tropical Storm Hilary, an image circulated on social media portrayed Dodger Stadium seemingly surrounded by water, sparking concerns of flooding. The image, taken from an aerial perspective, quickly went viral, leading many to believe that the iconic sports venue had succumbed to the storm’s deluge. However, a team official has clarified that the stadium was not swamped, dispelling the misleading narrative.


Viral Photo vs. Reality

The image, which gained traction across various platforms, depicted Dodger Stadium amidst what appeared to be a large body of water. Despite the visual illusion, the stadium’s infrastructure remained intact and unaffected by flooding. The team official’s statement underscores the importance of verifying information before drawing conclusions based solely on images shared on social media.

Updated Terms Encourage User Review

Despite a viral image suggesting flooding, Dodger Stadium remains unswamped following Storm Hilary, as confirmed by a team official.

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Continuing Coverage and Subscription Options

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Amid the digital age’s information overload, critical thinking and fact-checking remain essential. The Dodger Stadium incident serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and careful consideration of verified sources is paramount in forming accurate perceptions.


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