Drew Barrymore’s Daughter: Fashion Tussle With A Playboy Twist


Drew Barrymore, the actor and talk show host, finds herself in a parenting Catch-22 as her 11-year-old daughter, Olive, expresses a desire to wear a crop top. In a candid moment during an interview with Christina Aguilera on “The Drew Barrymore Show” in Las Vegas, Barrymore reveals that her daughter cleverly points to her mom’s 1995 Playboy cover to support her case for the trendy clothing item.


Similar Struggles: Christina Aguilera’s Crop Top Conundrum

"Explore how Drew Barrymore's past Playboy cover surfaces in her daughter's fashion choices. Insights on parenting dilemmas and body empowerment from Barrymore and Christina Aguilera."

The conversation with Aguilera unveils that the Grammy award-winning singer has encountered a similar situation with her 9-year-old daughter, Summer Rain. Aguilera reflects on the challenges of parenting, sharing a humorous anecdote about the day she wore chaps and her daughter’s desire for a crop top.

Parenting Philosophy: Navigating Discussions About Body Empowerment

Both Barrymore and Aguilera share a commitment to empowering their daughters to feel comfortable in their own skin. Aguilera emphasizes the importance of open communication with her children, discussing past experiences in an age-appropriate manner. The duo acknowledges their past choices without regrets, expressing that they were expressions of self rather than for external validation.


Growing Up Free-Spirited: Challenges and Joys

Barrymore and Aguilera acknowledge the difficulties of their children following in their footsteps but express happiness at having grown up free-spirited. The duo hopes to instill a strong sense of self and body empowerment in their daughters, encouraging them to embrace who they are.

Embracing the Past: No Regrets for Barrymore and Aguilera

Reflecting on their risqué pasts, both Barrymore and Aguilera assert they have no regrets. Barrymore fondly remembers her Playboy shoot in 1995, emphasizing the importance of self-expression, while Aguilera stresses that their choices were made for themselves and not to please others.


In the end, Barrymore and Aguilera advocate for a balance between empowering their daughters and addressing the challenges that come with their unconventional pasts. The interview concludes with a shared sentiment of gratitude for growing up free-spirited, despite the complexities of parenting.

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