Elise Finch, Beloved CBS New York Meteorologist, Dies At 51


In a heart-wrenching announcement, CBS New York shares the news of the passing of their beloved colleague, Elise Dione Finch Henriques. The entire team is deeply saddened by this sudden and unexpected loss of a dear friend and dedicated team member.


A Legacy of 16 Years at WCBS

Elise Finch, a beloved meteorologist at CBS New York, has died at the age of 51. She had been with the station for 16 years and was known for her dedication to her work and her love of the community. Finch was born in Mount Vernon, New York, and graduated from Georgetown University and Syracuse University. She began her career as a meteorologist at a local station in Syracuse before moving to CBS New York in 2007. She was a regular on the morning news and was known for her clear and concise forecasts. Finch was also a passionate advocate for the community and was involved in several organizations, including the United Way and the American Red Cross. She is survived by her husband, Graig Henriques, and their daughter, Grace.

Elise Finch was an integral part of the WCBS team for 16 years, joining as the weekend meteorologist back in 2007. Over the years, she grew professionally and became an essential member of the morning news team alongside Mary Calvi and Chris Wragge. Later, in September, she joined Cindy Hsu on the 9 a.m. newscast, where her bright presence continued to shine.

A Gifted Professional and Community Ambassador

Elise was not only a gifted and consummate professional, taking great care with her work, but she was also an outstanding ambassador in her community, particularly in her hometown of Mount Vernon. Her dedication to her job was evident every day, and she fearlessly reported on major weather events, often braving the elements to keep viewers informed.


A Life Full of Love and Accomplishments

Elise Finch’s life was marked by love and accomplishments. Born in Mount Vernon, she took pride in her alma mater, Mount Vernon High School, and held degrees from Georgetown University and Syracuse University. Her passion for the entertainment industry, especially the music world, was evident, and she was a self-professed superfan of Janet Jackson. Her interviews with favorite singers were always a delight to watch.

A Life Beyond the Screen

Beyond her professional achievements, Elise cherished her personal life. She found true love with Graig Henriques, whom she met at CBS New York, and the couple joyfully married almost a decade ago. Together, they had a beautiful daughter named Grace, and Elise’s stories about her life as a mother were always treasured by her colleagues.


A Painful Loss

Elise Finch’s untimely passing has left everyone at CBS New York in shock and grief. She was a shining light in the mornings, making every day a good day for those around her. Her infectious spirit and dedication to her work will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

Farewell to an Outstanding Colleague

Elise’s memory will forever remain in the hearts of her colleagues, friends, and viewers alike. CBS New York pays tribute to this remarkable woman who left an indelible mark on the broadcasting world and the lives she touched.

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