Fast Charlie (2023) Movie Review: A Southern Crime Tale With Pierce Brosnan


Glenn Kenny’s recent film review on Roger Ebert explores the world of “Fast Charlie,” directed by Philip Noyce. In this cinematic venture, Kenny delves into the well-worn territory of a mob fixer contemplating retirement, offering an entertaining perspective on familiar tropes.


The Essence of Casting

"Discover the charm of 'Fast Charlie' (2023) as Glenn Kenny explores the Southern crime world with Pierce Brosnan in this entertaining movie review."

Quentin Tarantino’s reflection on casting’s significant role in filmmaking comes to mind as Kenny examines the importance of Pierce Brosnan’s portrayal of the title character, Fast Charlie. Brosnan’s Southern-accented performance adds a delightful layer to the film, enhancing the audience’s viewing experience.

Plot Overview

The narrative follows Fast Charlie, a Biloxi-based mob operative, navigating the criminal underworld’s complexities. The story unfolds as Charlie confronts challenges stemming from a hit he carries out for his bosses, leading to unexpected consequences. The film’s engaging plot is supported by a cast that breathes life into their roles.


Memorable Characters

Kenny highlights the down-home charm of Charlie’s crew, particularly the poignant portrayal of Stan, played by James Caan in his last film role. The character dynamics take an intriguing turn as ambitious figures like Beggar disrupt the status quo, adding layers of tension to the narrative.

Dialogue and Humor

The review suggests that the film’s dialogue follows the tradition of dryly funny mayhem, reminiscent of Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiassen. Anecdotes, such as Brosnan’s character gifting a dead fox to a taxidermist, played by Morena Baccarin, add a quirky charm to the overall tone.


Directorial Prowess

Acknowledging director Philip Noyce’s fluidity, dispatch, and taste, Kenny emphasizes the crucial role of Noyce in elevating the film. Without his skillful direction, the engaging cast might have floundered instead of delivering a satisfying conclusion to this criminal fable.

While acknowledging that “Fast Charlie” may not be a cinematic game-changer, Kenny assures readers that as an evening’s entertainment, it more than meets expectations. The review concludes with applause for the entire cast and crew, acknowledging their collective effort in creating an enjoyable cinematic experience.

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