Geechi Gotti’s Fiery Roast Of Remy Ma: Papoose Cheating Scandal Unveiled


Things took an unexpected turn when Geechi Gotti confronted Remy Ma regarding the cheating allegations against her. These rumors about the Love And Hip Hop: New York star being unfaithful to her partner Papoose have been spreading rapidly. Gotti seized the opportunity to voice his thoughts during a rap battle, leaving many shocked and in disbelief.


Gotti’s Fiery Roast

"Find out how Geechi Gotti confronted Remy Ma during a rap battle, exposing the Papoose cheating allegations, and sparking online shock."

During a recent rap battle, Geechi Gotti held nothing back and targeted Remy Ma during the third round of his showdown against Eazy The Block Captain. Gotti began by questioning why Papoose was absent from the event, and then he directly addressed Remy Ma on stage:

“I don’t give a fk if you’re fking this nga, just tell him to stop screwing the business… y’all are the poster child symbol for Black love… every interview he shows his admiration and tells the world how he thinks his woman is the greatest… nga, he held you down in prison for six years, I know it was not nice, he cried big tears, he stood by you during your biggest accomplishments, front row giving you big cheers. Man, you’ve got a beautiful baby girl who is also amazing. He’ll be damned if he loses you to this bozo in braces… Listen, he took you out to the best foods, when you ain’t feeling good, he put you back in the best moods.”


Social Media Explosion

As of the time of writing this article, Gotti’s rap had gone viral across various social media platforms, stirring up intense reactions and discussions.

Internet Reactions to Remy Ma’s Cheating Rumors

The open discussion of Remy Ma’s alleged infidelity during the rap battle surprised internet users. Many found it hard to believe that such a personal matter was being addressed in this manner. Some reactions on social media read:


Remy Ma and Papoose’s Strong Bond

For those unfamiliar with the couple, Remy Ma and Papoose have gained a massive following due to their strong and enduring relationship. They prominently displayed their bond on the reality show Love And Hip Hop: New York. Remy Ma publicly supported Papoose for his respectful approach towards women in his music, earning praise for their relationship.

Cheating Allegations and Responses

However, earlier this year, the couple became the center of internet gossip when cheating allegations surfaced. In response to these rumors, Remy Ma stated online:

“Can y’all please STOP with the Eazy & Pap LIES. There’s NO place like Chrome!”

Eazy The Block Captain also addressed the allegations in a tweet:

“Y’all want something bad to happen to me so baddddd. Of course, it’s the same hating nigas and females, but y’all should get the story straight before y’all speak.”*

A Solid Bond and Family

Remy Ma and Papoose have been married for over 17 years and are parents to daughter Reminisce, born in 2018. Remy Ma is also a parent to Janafi and serves as a stepmother to Papoose’s daughters Destiny, Shemele, and Dejanae.

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