Gigi Hadid Leads Fashion Trend: Swaps Sambas For Gazelles


Gigi Hadid leads the way as she ditches her Adidas Sambas for the Gazelle, sparking a new trend in footwear fashion.


A Stylish Transition

Gigi Hadid’s recent outing in New York City showcased her sporting the Adidas Gazelles, signaling a shift from the reigning Sambas. Her choice is influencing others to embrace this trendsetting move.

The Rise of Gazelles

Gigi Hadid's footwear switch from Adidas Sambas to Gazelles is causing waves in the fashion world. Explore her style transformation and join the trend on Teen Vogue.

While Adidas Sambas have long dominated the scene, Gazelles have been staging a comeback in recent months. Hadid’s endorsement adds momentum to this resurgence, emphasizing the Gazelles’ versatility and style.


Celebrity Stamp of Approval

Hadid isn’t alone in her Gazelle affinity. Celebrities like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence have also been spotted flaunting this iconic sneaker, reaffirming its status as a must-have fashion staple.

Fashion Icons Make the Switch

Even within the realm of K-pop, Gazelles are gaining traction, as seen with Lisa from BLACKPINK opting for the Bermuda style. With Hadid leading the charge, it’s clear that Gazelles are reclaiming their spotlight.


The Perfect Spring Accessory

Hadid’s vibrant ensemble, paired with her scarlet Gazelles, demonstrates the sneaker’s potential to elevate any casual look. With its timeless appeal and Hadid’s endorsement, Gazelles emerge as the ultimate spring footwear choice.

Ready to Shop?

If you’re inspired by Hadid’s style, you can explore Gazelle options, including the exact pair she wore, along with similar styles, to upgrade your sneaker collection.

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