Hall & Oates Take Legal Action Against Haulin’ Oats Granola Makers


In a surprising legal move, the legendary pop-soul duo, Hall & Oates, have initiated legal proceedings against the Brooklyn-based artisanal granola company, Early Bird. The dispute centers around Early Bird’s product line, specifically the “Haulin’ Oats” range.


Allegations of Trademark Infringement

"Explore the legal clash as pop-soul duo Hall & Oates confront Early Bird over the 'Haulin' Oats' granola. Dive into the trademark dispute and the unexpected financial revelations."

Daryl Hall and John Oates, known for hits like “Abandoned Luncheonette,” allege that Early Bird’s use of the name “Haulin’ Oats” constitutes a deliberate attempt to capitalize on the fame and recognition associated with their well-established brand. The lawsuit, filed in the Brooklyn federal court, accuses Early Bird of infringing on the duo’s trademark through a “phonetic play” on the Hall & Oates name.

Not Flattered by the Flavors

Despite Early Bird’s promotion of their granola as “wholesome and nourishing,” Hall & Oates are far from flattered. The musicians argue that the name and mark of “Haulin’ Oats” were chosen with the intention of trading off the duo’s widespread fame, asserting that the similarity is more than coincidental.


Financial Comparisons and Guardian’s Response

The legal dispute takes an interesting turn as the article highlights the price point of Haulin’ Oats granola at $27 for three packets, unfavorably compared to a more budget-friendly option, Shreddies. Additionally, in a lighthearted note, the Guardian music team abandons plans to launch their own breakfast foods, including pun-inspired items like Kornflakes and Wheatusabix, in light of the legal battle.

The iconic duo’s legal action against the granola maker underscores the importance they place on protecting their brand and image. This case serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding trademark infringement and the lengths artists may go to safeguard their intellectual property.


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