Hatsune Miku Is Coming To Magic: The Gathering!


The Gathering fans worldwide are buzzing with excitement as Hatsune Miku, the digital diva, steps into the world of card gaming. This unexpected crossover promises a fusion of two distinct universes, blending fantasy with contemporary pop culture.


An Iconic Collaboration

Witness the convergence of creativity as Wizards of the Coast, the masterminds behind Magic: The Gathering, join forces with Crypton Future Media, creators of Hatsune Miku. This collaboration marks a milestone in both gaming and music, bringing together diverse fanbases in celebration of innovation and artistry.

A Digital Diva’s Debut

"Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts are in for a treat as the iconic virtual pop star, Hatsune Miku, is set to make her debut in the beloved card game universe. Get ready for an unforgettable collaboration!"

Explore the enchanting realm of Hatsune Miku as she transcends her digital stage to become a playable character in Magic: The Gathering. With her signature teal hair and captivating vocals, Miku adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the card game’s dynamic universe.


Embracing Diversity

This groundbreaking collaboration not only bridges the gap between gaming and music but also celebrates diversity and inclusivity within both communities. By featuring Hatsune Miku, Magic: The Gathering continues to embrace new horizons, inviting players of all backgrounds to experience the magic of this iconic partnership.

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