Here Are Some Of The Most-Followed Country Music Spouses, From Brittany Aldean To Lauren Akins


While their country-superstar partners may be topping the Billboard charts, a few Nashville wives and husbands have become celebrities in their own right as social media influencers, attracting millions of followers in some cases.


Posts about product endorsements, beauty tips, cooking tips, business recommendations, childcare recommendations, and — here’s where it gets tricky — politics are frequently interspersed with adoring photos of their friends.
Billboard reported on Thursday that Jason Aldean’s long-term publicist, The GreenRoom PR, had parted ways with their 17-year client. Though the GreenRoom’s statement to Billboard did not provide an explanation beyond saying that the company’s focus is on music, the move came shortly after Aldean’s wife, Brittany, posted comments on her Instagram feed including “I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase,” followed by criticism of gender-affirming care. Despite her later claim that her remarks were taken out of context (without explaining how), many people, including Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope, condemned her remarks as transphobic.
Brittany Aldean has capitalised on the controversy, launching a new clothing line with proceeds benefiting charity and appearing on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday, positioning herself as a child advocate.
However, not all of these women (or men!) actively seek out controversy on Instagram. Some of the most popular country music wives and husbands on social media, as well as how they use their platforms, are listed below.
Lauren Akins, @laur akins, has 2.7 million Twitter followers.

Thomas Rhett’s wife, Akins, has established herself as a full-fledged celebrity in her own right. While she doesn’t post as frequently as many of her peers, her 2021 memoir, Live in Love, about their relationship and how she found purpose in her own life, including adopting their first child after a mission trip in Uganda, hit the New York Times Bestseller List. While many country wives post aspirational, picture-perfect versions of their lives, Akins frequently injects levity, such as when she posted a decidedly unglamorous photo of herself trying to figure out how to get a stuck comb out of her hair two weeks ago after she and her children played beauty parlour.


Brittany Aldean, @brittanyaldean, has 2.3 million Instagram followers.

Aldean, perhaps more than any other country spouse, has capitalised on her celebrity as the wife of country superstar Jason Aldean. Aldean is equally at ease promoting brands (her XOBrittAldean clip-in hair extensions line has 157,000 Instagram followers) and anti-Biden merchandise, such as “FJB” fanny packs and, in response to her recent comments criticising parents of transgender youth, her new “Don’t Tread On Our Kids” clothing line with her sister Kasi. There are also numerous ultra-glam posts featuring her and Aldean, as well as adorable photos of their children. She may be a left-wing lightning rod and an election denier, but she has a knack for turning almost every criticism into a business opportunity.


Caroline Bryan, @linabryan3, has 1.1 million Twitter followers.

Caroline Bryan, half of one of country music’s most hilarious couples, keeps the laughs coming with a steady stream of family antics and pranks that appear on her Instagram feed, from images of her country star husband in costumes and wild hairstyles to other unfiltered moments. What else would you expect from someone whose profile photo on Instagram shows her slurping a cocktail? Her Instagram also includes links to her Best Bad Influence clothing, accessories, and drinkware line, as well as the Brett’s Barn nonprofit, which was established in memory of the couple’s late niece, Sadie Brett Boyer.

Hayley Hubbard, @hayley hubbard, has 401k Twitter followers.

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line (who is now pursuing a solo careerwifeposts )’s are primarily about their fun life on the road, but there are also brand ties in. This week’s posts include making fish tacos for her three small children with Gorton’s Seafood and packing their school lunches with kale salad and Mary Ruth Organics multivitamin gummies. She also makes time to play practical jokes on her husband on Meaning Full Living, the parenting podcast she co-hosts, such as convincing him that his vasectomy didn’t work. Though Hubbard generally avoids politics, she did post a photo of herself and Hubbard in masks receiving their COVID-19 vaccines, as well as her gratitude that Juneteenth has been designated as a national holiday beginning in June 2021. Due to their opposing political views, she and her husband gained attention in November 2020 when they both temporarily stopped following FGL’s Brian Kelley and his wife on Instagram. (The Hubbards backed Biden, while the Kelleys backed Trump.)

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