How the Music Industry Is Assisting Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Fiona (Updating)


It’s been nearly two weeks since Hurricane Fiona ripped through Puerto Rico, dumping more than 30 inches of rain and killing at least three people. Hundreds of thousands of people are still without power or clean water.


Billboard has also reached out to a number of music executives, artists, and creatives, asking for their thoughts on how to best support Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, as well as where to donate. See below for their responses, as well as Romeo Santos’ onstage donation during Latin Music Week and social media posts from celebrities like Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez.

Alejandro Rauw


When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, I was there. I was still hustling; I wasn’t big, I didn’t have many resources; I was just a regular citizen pursuing my dreams. It was difficult for us to go two months without electricity or running water. Thank God, our community is always supportive of one another. During Hurricane Maria, I told myself that if I make it and have the resources to help my people, I will. I’m not going to wait for the government to come to the aid of the people because that never happens.

It was particularly severe in the south of Puerto Rico, causing extensive flooding. I saw so many flooded homes; many people had lost everything. 95% of the island still lacks access to water and electricity. Eric Duars, my manager, and I came up with a quick plan. We purchased 100 generators, awnings, and partnered with other organisations to form a large group that went out the next day scouting houses and distributing all of the resources to the people. Everything moves so quickly in the stores. We must continue working because things will not be [fixed] in one week. This is a large [job] that will take months to complete. Every day, we’ll scout in the hardest-hit areas of Puerto Rico.


Laffitte Management Group artist manager Alex DePersia

It is critical that Americans remember that the people of Puerto Rico are fellow citizens of our country…. It is up to all of us to raise awareness about what is going on there, and especially for the music industry to use its voice. Loudly.

Puerto Ricans have made numerous contributions throughout history, ranging from the arts and sports to military service. It is now up to everyone else to stand up for them in their hour of need. After being weakened by Hurricane Maria five years ago, our brothers and sisters are in pain as a result of the recent earthquakes, particularly in terms of the need for drinking water, power, and the crippling effect on their farms. Please keep raising awareness of their needs and donating what you can.

Cody Verdecias, Atlantic Records’ vice president of A&R

What is going on in Puerto Rico is a disgrace. We have unfortunately been witnessing a tragic time of year for decades. The resilience of the Puerto Rican people will triumph once more. However, I believe it is critical to focus on local grass-roots organisations and people who are on the ground helping. These are organisations that feed people and provide them with roofs. The main issue is water, which is difficult to obtain, and many people still do not have access to it. In times like these, it is critical that aid delivered directly to community members has a greater impact than aid distributed superficially through institutions.

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