Inside the Decision: Caleb Followill’s Insights On ‘Sex On Fire’ And ‘Only By The Night’


Caleb Followill, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Grammy-winning band Kings of Leon, recently opened up about the decision-making process behind their hit song “Sex On Fire” and its inclusion in their fourth studio album, “Only By The Night.”


The Revelation

In a candid interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Followill disclosed that there was initially reluctance within the band regarding the inclusion of “Sex On Fire” in their album. Despite the undeniable catchiness of the track, there were reservations about its compatibility with the overall vibe and theme of “Only By The Night.”

Artistic Integrity

Explore the artistic deliberations of Kings of Leon's frontman, Caleb Followill, as he reveals why the band hesitated to include 'Sex On Fire' in their acclaimed album 'Only By The Night'.

Followill emphasized the importance of maintaining artistic integrity and coherence within an album. He expressed concerns that “Sex On Fire” might disrupt the cohesive narrative and sonic palette they were aiming to achieve with “Only By The Night.”


Evolution of Perspective

However, as discussions progressed and the band delved deeper into the creative process, they began to see “Sex On Fire” in a new light. Followill admitted that while initially hesitant, they eventually recognized the song’s potential to add diversity and dynamism to the album’s tracklist.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the band decided to include “Sex On Fire” in “Only By The Night,” marking a pivotal moment in the album’s evolution. The track went on to become one of Kings of Leon’s most iconic and commercially successful songs, solidifying its place in the band’s discography.


Closing Thoughts

Caleb Followill’s reflections shed light on the intricate decision-making that goes into crafting an album, highlighting the balance between artistic vision and commercial appeal. “Sex On Fire” stands as a testament to the band’s willingness to take risks and push boundaries in pursuit of their musical aspirations.

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