Jeff Jarrett Reveals Why Selfish Wrestling Behavior Is A Cardinal Sin


In the world of professional wrestling, the dynamics between TV wrestling and live crowd performances are starkly different, and much of this contrast revolves around precise timing and cues. During a recent episode of the podcast “My World,” AEW star and Director of Business Development, Jeff Jarrett, delved into a topic he holds dear — a cardinal sin of televised professional wrestling.


The Selfish Act: Going Over on Time

AEW's Director of Business Development, Jeff Jarrett, sheds light on the detrimental impact of selfish wrestling behavior in televised events. Discover why he considers it a cardinal sin that disrupts timing and professionalism.

Jeff Jarrett didn’t hold back in expressing his views on what he believes is one of the gravest missteps a wrestler can make during a televised event. The issue at hand? Wrestlers who exceed their allotted time in the ring. Jarrett’s take is crystal clear: while a few seconds’ deviation might be understandable, extending a match by three, four, or even five minutes showcases nothing but pure selfishness.

A Statement of Self-Centeredness

The essence of Jarrett’s argument lies in the deliberate self-centeredness he perceives in wrestlers who go beyond their time limits. He points out the disregard for the larger production and audience by prioritizing personal shine over the collaborative effort that wrestling demands. Jarrett doesn’t mince words as he highlights that such actions not only disrupt the show’s rhythm but also showcase an unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s mistakes.


Jarrett’s Extensive Wrestling Acumen

With a career spanning WWE, WCW, AEW, and even a role in founding TNA alongside his father, Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett boasts unparalleled experience in professional wrestling TV production. This background underscores his authority to weigh in on issues affecting the wrestling world.

AEW’s Move: Jarrett’s Unique Role

Since joining AEW in November 2022, Jarrett has seamlessly transitioned into a significant backstage role while also maintaining a regular presence on the company’s programming. His multifaceted contributions reflect his dedication to the industry’s growth and development.


Unprecedented Match: Texas Chain Saw Massacre Deathmatch

In a groundbreaking move, this week’s “AEW Dynamite” is set to feature a Texas Chain Saw Massacre Deathmatch between Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy. This unprecedented match is not only a spectacle in itself but also forms a unique tie-in with Warner Bros. Discovery, mirroring AEW’s past successes with integrations like Shark Week and promotional efforts for popular shows.

Jeff Jarrett’s insights offer a thought-provoking perspective on the intricacies of professional wrestling. His forthright take on selfish behavior resonates within the industry, serving as a reminder of the collaborative spirit that underpins this dynamic art form.

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