John Oliver Claps Back At Elon Musk’s ‘Woke’ Label With Comedy Gold


John Oliver and Elon Musk find themselves in a public exchange of words, with Elon recently branding John as “woke” and criticizing him as “weak sauce.” The comedian has now taken the opportunity to respond to Elon’s remarks.


The Origin of the Feud

"Explore John Oliver's uproarious reply to Elon Musk's 'woke' jab. The comedic feud unfolds as Oliver tackles Musk's critique with humor and wit."

Elon Musk’s comments were triggered by John Oliver’s detailed critique of him on “Last Week Tonight” a month ago. Musk’s response was fueled by an article that negatively portrayed John’s segment, describing him as “weak sauce” and attributing his lack of humor to his inclination towards “wokeness.”

John Oliver’s Take

Encountering John at LAX, reporters asked him about the ongoing feud. John remained nonchalant, shrugging off Elon’s opinions about him. He acknowledged Elon’s sensitivity but expressed uncertainty about Musk’s exact interpretation of the term “woke.” According to John, he cannot play psychologist for Elon and is unsure if Musk even understands what he means.


The Humorous Twist

When questioned about the possibility of the feud continuing, John responded humorously, suggesting a continuation of the banter. This playful response adds a touch of irony to Elon’s assessment of John’s humor, indicating that the comedian doesn’t take the criticism too seriously.

As John Oliver offers his lighthearted take on Elon Musk’s criticism, the feud continues to unfold. The exchange highlights the clash between the comedian’s style of humor and Musk’s perspective on “wokeness.” Whether this back-and-forth will persist remains to be seen, but for now, it adds an entertaining layer to the dynamics between the two public figures.


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