John Schneider’s Emotional Journey On ‘The Masked Singer’: Finding Healing Through Music


In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, John Schneider opens up about his transformative experience on ‘The Masked Singer,’ where he donned the persona of Donut and secured the second spot in the show’s Season 10 finale.


A Healing Platform

Exclusive interview with John Schneider as he reflects on 'The Masked Singer,' revealing how the show became his emotional anchor after his wife's passing.

Schneider, known for his resilience, shares that participating in the Fox series served as a crucial support system during an emotionally challenging period. Following the loss of his wife, Alicia, to breast cancer in February, Schneider describes the show as “the glue that held me together.”

Honoring Alicia’s Memory

The actor and musician reveals that his late wife, Alicia, had urged him to join ‘The Masked Singer.’ Schneider reflects on the divine signs he received, including the choice of the Donut persona, which held sentimental value as donuts had been a shared joy in his marriage.


The Donut Costume as a Symbol

Detailing his emotional connection to the Donut character, Schneider explains that the choice was more than just a costume—it was a profound symbol of his and Alicia’s shared experiences. He refers to these signs as “God nods” that reinforced his decision to participate.

Music as a Catharsis

Schneider shares how the experience allowed him to not only entertain but also to grieve openly. Dressed as a donut and performing anonymously, he found solace in the music, expressing that it helped him navigate the toughest year of his life.


The Power of Public Grief

Acknowledging the significance of discussing grief openly, Schneider emphasizes that ‘The Masked Singer’ provided a unique platform to address the grieving process publicly. He sees this openness as a source of empowerment and a way to diminish the power of grief.

Navigating Challenges

While sharing behind-the-scenes anecdotes, Schneider talks about the challenges of performing in the Donut costume, including a broken toe sustained during a morning run. Despite the physical hurdles, he fondly recalls the positive reception from the judges.

The Healing Effect of Recognition

Schneider expresses gratitude for the judges’ emotional responses to his performances, emphasizing that their reactions played a vital role in his healing process. The positive reception became a significant source of comfort and validation.

Beyond ‘The Masked Singer’

Looking ahead, Schneider discusses his plans for 2024, including the completion of a movie trilogy he started with Alicia. He hopes that his participation in ‘The Masked Singer’ will amplify awareness of his musical endeavors, providing a boost to his latest album, ‘We’re Still Us,’ and future projects.

A Forever ‘Donut’

Closing the interview on a lighthearted note, Schneider reflects on the possibility of being forever associated with the Donut persona, a legacy he embraces with humor and gratitude.

John Schneider’s journey on ‘The Masked Singer’ emerges as a tale of resilience, healing, and the transformative power of music in the face of profound grief.

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