Jon Moxley’s AEW Dynamite Tribute To Seth Rollins Amid Injury Scare


In the unpredictable world of professional wrestling, friendships can often be as fragile as they are enduring. This truth was exemplified during a remarkable moment on AEW Dynamite, where Jon Moxley paid an unexpected tribute to his former ally, Seth Rollins. This display of camaraderie took place just moments before Moxley’s apparent injury.


A Decade of Partnership

Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley, known for their extensive history together, were partners for the better part of the last decade. Their journey, marred by betrayals and rivalries, proved that while alliances in wrestling may falter, some friendships can withstand the test of time. Despite now representing different wrestling promotions, the bond between the AEW and WWE stars remains resilient. Both wrestlers have openly discussed the profound impact of their time together in The Shield, emphasizing that this connection remains unbreakable.

A Touching Tribute Mid-Match

"In a heartfelt moment, Jon Moxley pays tribute to Seth Rollins during AEW Dynamite, but an injury casts a shadow of uncertainty."

During Jon Moxley’s title match against Rey Fenix on AEW Dynamite, an unexpected moment unfolded. Moxley chose to honor his former Shield brother, Seth Rollins, in a heartfelt tribute. In a bid to thwart Fenix’s resurgence, Moxley executed a move synonymous with Rollins—the Stomp. He even employed a Piledriver in his arsenal, attempting to secure victory. However, despite his best efforts, he couldn’t secure the win.


The Crowd Echoes Rollins’ Name

The crowd in attendance at the event didn’t let Moxley’s tribute go unnoticed. Chants of “Seth Rollins” resonated through the arena following the execution of the Stomp, underscoring the enduring impact of the Rollins-Moxley partnership.

The match took an unexpected turn when Rey Fenix managed to secure victory with two piledrivers, becoming the new AEW International Champion. However, confusion marred the conclusion, as the referee initially failed to count fully. Jon Moxley appeared visibly injured following one of the piledrivers, leaving his exact condition uncertain.


Fans worldwide are left hoping that Moxley’s injury, whatever it may be, is not a severe one, and that he can swiftly recover from this unexpected setback.

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