KARL LAGERFELD Villas By Taraf: A Fusion Of Artistic Luxury Redefining Modern Living


Taraf and KARL LAGERFELD have revealed an extraordinary residential community in Dubai, seamlessly merging their distinctive visions to create an unparalleled living experience.


Captivating Design Elements

Through a meticulous interplay of premium materials, water features, and artistic architectural designs, this exclusive community sets a new standard for luxury living in the UAE.

Blending Creativity with Luxury

"Discover the synergy of art and luxury with KARL LAGERFELD Villas by Taraf in Dubai. Explore iconic architecture, visionary living, and a lifestyle masterpiece."

The project reflects KARL LAGERFELD’s iconic influence, combining luxury with creativity to redefine sophisticated living. The partnership aims to go beyond exclusive villas, crafting experiences and spaces that epitomize elegance and sophistication.


Visionary Leadership

Low Ping, Group CEO of Yas Holding, Taraf’s parent company, expresses excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing their commitment to luxury and innovation. The project is not just about residences but about creating masterpieces of design and luxury.

Celebrating Lagerfeld’s Passion

Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of KARL LAGERFELD, highlights Karl’s deep fascination with architecture. The project in Dubai allows homeowners and investors to access Karl’s unique vision of luxury living, celebrating the convergence of history and modernity.


18th-Century Inspiration

Inspired by Lagerfeld’s fascination with the 18th century, the project mirrors the elegance of KARL LAGERFELD’s headquarters in Paris. A runway seamlessly connects the villas, clubhouse, and surroundings, showcasing stunning views of the Burj Khalifa.

Personalized Luxury

Comprising 51 residences with 5 to 7 bedrooms, residents can personalize their properties with two distinct design options for the facade: Soft Modern and Urban Modern. The project aims to blend historical charm with modern comforts.

Exceptional Living Spaces

Dubai’s year-round sunshine enhances the indulgence at the Community Clubhouse. Parisian-inspired interiors, entertainment spaces, lounges, and a wellness deck with panoramic skyline views offer residents a luxurious lifestyle.

Strategic Location

Strategically positioned in Meydan, the project provides easy access to the airport and the city center while maintaining exclusivity. It aligns with Dubai’s visionary goals for 2030 and contributes significantly to the city’s growth.

Taraf’s Growing Portfolio

The KARL LAGERFELD X TARAF project is the latest addition to Taraf’s portfolio, showcasing its commitment to the luxury real estate sector. Taraf has launched multiple properties since 2023, with projects in sought-after areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Global Expansion

This marks KARL LAGERFELD’s fourth branded residential project globally and the first in the Middle East. The project aligns with the Maison’s growing real estate portfolio, including luxury projects in Marbella, Lisbon, and Melaka, Malaysia.


The House of KARL LAGERFELD continues to celebrate its founder’s legacy, combining iconic vision and design aesthetics. TARAF, under Yas Holding, focuses on delivering prime residential spaces in the UAE, showcasing a commitment to high-quality, lifestyle-driven developments

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