Maren Morris And Ryan Hurd Announce Divorce After 5-Year Marriage


Country music stars Maren Morris and her husband, Ryan Hurd, have officially decided to end their five-year-long marriage. This decision comes as a shock to many, given their shared career in the industry and the public’s perception of their strong relationship.


Filing for Divorce

Maren Morris, at the age of 33, filed for divorce on October 2, 2023, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. The divorce documents were obtained by Us Weekly, confirming the end of their marriage. The date of their separation coincides with the date of the divorce filing, and they had a prenuptial agreement in place.

A Musical Love Story

Country stars Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd end their 5-year marriage, sharing their musical journey and advocacy for progressive beliefs.

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd, aged 36, initially met while collaborating on the 2014 hit song “Last Turn Home” for Tim McGraw. What began as a professional collaboration soon turned into a deep friendship before blossoming into a romantic relationship. They officially started dating in 2015, with Hurd proposing two years later. The couple exchanged vows in a Nashville wedding ceremony in March 2018.


Making Music and Marriage Work

The couple’s love for music played a significant role in their relationship. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly just a year ago, Morris expressed how music was intertwined in their love story. She mentioned her admiration for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, who inspired them with their “two-week rule” to make their marriage work despite their demanding schedules. The couple strived to maintain a balance between their careers and relationship.

Welcoming Son Hayes

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd welcomed their first child, a son named Hayes, in March 2020. During the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Morris spoke about how Hayes was a source of joy and distraction during a time when touring was not possible.


Musical Collaborations

Before the divorce, the couple collaborated on several songs together, including Hurd’s 2021 ballad “Chasing After You” and Morris’ 2022 single “I Can’t Love You Any More.” Additionally, Hurd was a vocal supporter of Morris during a highly publicized feud with Jason and Brittany Aldean in the past.

Support for Progressive Beliefs

Ryan Hurd publicly supported Maren Morris during her advocacy for progressive beliefs, particularly in the context of gender-confirming care for transgender youth. He used social media to back his then-wife and expressed pride in her stance. The couple stood strong against online backlash, with Hurd emphasizing that they were doing well in both their personal and professional lives.

Encouragement Amidst Changing Musical Direction

As Maren Morris hinted at the possibility of transitioning away from country music, Ryan Hurd once again showed his unwavering support. He emphasized the importance of celebrating her as an artist and commended the positive impact her music had on fans. In an Instagram post, he voiced his admiration for her courage and determination.

The decision to end their marriage marks a significant change in the lives of Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd. Their love for music and shared career may have brought them together, but “irreconcilable differences” have now led to the end of their five-year marriage. The public’s fascination with their personal and professional lives continues even as they go their separate ways.

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