Married To Medicine Season 10, Episode 1 Recap: Meet The Controversial New Cast Members


In the world of reality television, few shows have stood the test of time like ‘Married to Medicine.’ Now in its tenth season, the show continues to captivate audiences by introducing new faces and reuniting viewers with the beloved cast members. The latest season kicked off with a bang, bringing two polarizing new members into the fold: Phaedra and Lateasha. Their presence has ignited controversy from the get-go, promising a season filled with drama and intrigue.


A Decade of Success

"Get the inside scoop on Married to Medicine Season 10, Episode 1 with the introduction of two polarizing new cast members, Phaedra and Lateasha."

‘Married to Medicine’ has been a remarkable addition to Bravo’s lineup, proving that it can thrive in a landscape dominated by the Real Housewives franchise. Over the past decade, the show has maintained its appeal, avoiding the pitfalls that often befall long-running reality series. As it returns for its tenth season, it’s clear that ‘Married to Medicine’ has something special that keeps fans coming back for more.

A Brief History

To understand the dynamics of this season’s cast, it’s essential to revisit the show’s roots. ‘Married to Medicine’ first graced our screens in 2013, portraying the lives of successful Black women in Atlanta, primarily doctors and doctor’s wives. In its inaugural season, the show introduced us to Quad Webb, who was navigating the social scene as a doctor’s wife after marrying psychiatrist Greg Lunceford.


However, as the years passed, the show took a dramatic turn. Quad and Greg’s marriage ended on a bitter note, chronicled in the fifth season. Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks, a prominent figure from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, experienced a fall from grace, resulting in her departure from the show after admitting to propagating a damaging rumor. While both shows continued without Phaedra and Greg, they kept making headlines in their own right.

Controversial Cast Additions

Fast forward to 2023, and Bravo announced the inclusion of Phaedra and Lateasha in the cast of ‘Married to Medicine’ for its tenth season. The announcement prompted diverse reactions from fans, ranging from excitement over the potential drama to disdain for bringing in such controversial personalities. Greg’s return to the show raised questions about his troubling past, despite his profession as a mental health professional. Phaedra’s comeback was also met with skepticism by fans who questioned her redemption. Nevertheless, these complex dynamics have piqued the audience’s curiosity, making the premiere an eagerly anticipated event.


Meeting the Newcomers

The season premiere wastes no time introducing viewers to the two new cast members. Phaedra is featured in the first group scene as she meets Dr. Heavenly, the cast’s resident dentist, and Dr. Jackie, a renowned OBGYN. Their interactions are friendly, as Phaedra is well-known in the Atlanta professional community. However, underlying shade quickly emerges, with Jackie dubbing Phaedra “slick as oil on a wet highway,” and Heavenly declaring her a liar.

Unraveling Controversies

One of the prominent controversies revolves around the nature of Phaedra and Gregory’s relationship before Quad entered the picture. While Phaedra insists they were never intimate, doubts persist. This topic has the potential to disrupt the harmony within the group, as the women’s opinions about Phaedra vary widely. The tension and drama set the stage for what promises to be a tumultuous season.

The Dinner Divide

Dr. Simone, another prominent OBGYN in Atlanta, hosts a dinner gathering for the other half of the cast. After the dramatic reunion from the previous season, the group is somewhat divided. Tensions linger between Simone and Heavenly, causing a strain in the friendship between Jackie and Simone. Toya, another cast member, harbors mistrust toward Heavenly due to her habit of spreading falsehoods on social media. Quad, who barely appears in this episode, is still dealing with the fallout from Heavenly’s rumors.

Lateasha, also known as Sweet Tea, joins the group, and her unique backstory piques curiosity. She throws an engagement party with a hoe-down theme to introduce her relationship to the cast. The event, filled with yee-haw attire, sets the stage for everyone to assess the newcomers. The conversation takes a turn when Lateasha mentions her engagement’s financial perks, raising suspicions and giving rise to the term “gold digger.”

Differing Allegiances

During the party, Heavenly questions Simone’s referral of Lateasha to a specialist, suggesting they should “keep the money in the friend group.” Simone tries to explain her decision, but Heavenly remains steadfast in defending Jackie, leading to a heated argument. This argument hints at unresolved feelings among the cast, particularly the shifting dynamics within the group.

A Season of Unresolved Issues

The episode concludes with a glimpse of the upcoming season, offering a preview of Lateasha’s grievances about Greg’s controlling behavior and hints at further conflicts, including scenes featuring Greg in compromising situations. The season appears poised to deliver an abundance of drama and tension.

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