Michael Oher, Subject Of ‘The Blind Side,’ Alleges Adoptive Parents Tricked Him


In a shocking turn of events, Michael Oher, the former American football star whose inspiring life journey was depicted in the Oscar-winning film “The Blind Side,” has come forward with allegations that the heartwarming story portrayed in the movie is built on falsehoods. The narrative, in which Oher, a foster child, is adopted by a wealthy white couple and transforms into a college sports sensation, is now challenged by Oher’s claims of being deceived.


Allegations of Deception and Financial Exploitation

Former NFL star Michael Oher claims he was deceived into a conservatorship by the family portrayed in 'The Blind Side,' alleging they made millions off his name.

Oher, now 37, asserts that he was never legally adopted and instead was manipulated into a conservatorship, allowing the Tuohy family to exert control over his personal and financial affairs. This alleged deception has led to Oher accusing Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy of wrongfully profiting from his name and achievements. The family reportedly made millions from the story that was shared in the media and adapted into the 2009 film.

Denial and Shock from the Tuohy Family

The Tuohy family, at the center of these accusations, has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. While representatives for the family and their foundation remained silent in response to the BBC’s request for comment, Sean Tuohy expressed shock at Oher’s claims. He refuted any financial gain from the movie itself, stating that their earnings were primarily tied to a book authored by Michael Lewis, which served as the basis for the film’s screenplay.


An Alleged Web of Deceit

According to court documents, the Tuohys allegedly manipulated Oher into a conservatorship shortly after he turned 18, thereby gaining control over his ability to make contracts and decisions. Oher asserts that the family misled him into believing he was being legally adopted, when in fact, he was placed under the conservatorship. The court filing alleges that this deception shattered the familial relationship he believed to have with the Tuohys.

Profiting at Oher’s Expense

As Oher’s football prowess grew and his story became a cultural sensation, the Tuohys are accused of exploiting the conservatorship to enrich themselves. They allegedly negotiated contracts that resulted in financial benefits primarily for themselves and their biological children, while Oher received nothing. “The Blind Side” not only garnered massive box office earnings but also led to a significant boost in home video sales, adding to the alleged financial gains made by the Tuohy family.


Seeking Justice and Accountability

Oher’s lawsuit seeks to terminate the conservatorship and prevent the Tuohys from continuing to benefit from his name and likeness. It also demands a thorough accounting of what he believes he is rightfully owed. The lawsuit claims that the Tuohys’ actions constitute a serious breach of fiduciary duty.

A Film that Touched Hearts but Raises Questions

“The Blind Side” not only achieved commercial success but also garnered critical acclaim, earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture and an Oscar for Sandra Bullock’s portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy. However, Oher has long expressed discomfort with how the film portrayed him as mentally slow, suggesting it had a negative impact on his career.

A Challenging Situation

In a statement, Oher expressed his disheartenment at the revelations shared in the lawsuit. He emphasized the difficulty of the situation for his family and himself, urging privacy and indicating that he would let the lawsuit speak for itself.

As this legal battle unfolds, questions arise about the intersection of personal narratives, media portrayal, and the truth behind heartwarming stories that capture the public’s imagination.

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