Mohamed Al-Fayed, Self-Made Billionaire And Harrods Owner, Passes Away At 94


Mohamed Al-Fayed, a self-made Egyptian billionaire known for his acquisition of Harrods department store and his involvement in a controversial conspiracy theory surrounding the death of his son, Dodi, and Princess Diana, has passed away at the age of 94. His family confirmed his demise, marking the end of an era in both business and scandalous controversies.


Humble Beginnings and Rapid Success

Al-Fayed’s journey to wealth commenced with humble roots. He started his career selling fizzy drinks and worked as a sewing machine salesman. However, he eventually orchestrated the rise of his family’s fortune through ventures in real estate, shipping, and construction, primarily in the Middle East before expanding into Europe.

Forever an Outsider in Britain

Despite owning iconic British establishments such as Harrods, Fulham, and the Ritz hotel in Paris, Al-Fayed was always perceived as an outsider in Britain, never fully embraced by the British elite. His contentious relationship with the British government, which denied him citizenship, led to frequent threats of relocating to France, where he received the Legion of Honour, the nation’s highest civilian award.


The Diana and Dodi Conspiracy

 Self-made Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, owner of Harrods and a prominent figure in Princess Diana's death conspiracy theories, has died at the age of 94.

A significant chapter in Al-Fayed’s life was his relentless pursuit of evidence to support his conspiracy theory. Following the tragic car crash in a Paris tunnel in 1997 that claimed the lives of Princess Diana and his son Dodi, he alleged a sinister plot involving the British royal family. Al-Fayed asserted, without substantiated evidence, that Diana was carrying Dodi’s child and accused Prince Philip, the queen’s husband, of orchestrating her assassination to prevent her marriage to a Muslim and the birth of his grandchild.

End of an Era

Mohamed Al-Fayed’s passing, on the eve of the 26th anniversary of Dodi and Diana’s tragic death, marks the conclusion of a life filled with controversy, eccentricity, and business success. His family issued a statement confirming his peaceful passing due to old age.


Legacy of Scandal and Business Feuds

Throughout his life, Al-Fayed remained a central figure in several pivotal moments of British history. His hostile takeover of Harrods in 1985 triggered one of the most acrimonious business feuds in the country’s history. In 1994, he created a political scandal by revealing that he had made payments to politicians in exchange for parliamentary questions, leading to the downfall of four politicians and impacting the Conservative party’s electoral prospects.

An Unconventional Billionaire

As a billionaire, Al-Fayed was known for his unconventional ideas and statements. He famously expressed a desire to be mummified in a golden sarcophagus placed in a glass pyramid atop Harrods. At the store, he implemented a strict dress code, even for customers, and erected a kitschy bronze memorial statue of Diana and Dodi, depicting them dancing under the wings of an albatross.

Harrods Takeover and Controversy

The details of Al-Fayed’s life were often shrouded in mystery, including his birthdate. While he claimed to be born in British-ruled Egypt in 1933, a British government inquiry into the Harrods takeover cited his birth year as 1929. In 1985, Al-Fayed, along with his brothers, outbid businessman Roland “Tiny” Rowland to acquire Harrods. This move was intended to gain acceptance in British society but instead led to a series of confrontations and a Department of Trade inquiry questioning their wealth and origins.

After 25 years of ownership, Al-Fayed sold Harrods to Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund in 2010. His quest for British citizenship was rejected in 1995, and he attributed it to racism, feeling marginalized in his adopted homeland.

The Diana and Dodi Inquest

Al-Fayed’s most notable pursuit was the quest for justice following the deaths of Diana and Dodi. He spent millions on legal battles to ensure an inquest was conducted. When the inquest finally began in London, a decade after the crash, Al-Fayed implicated various parties, including the royal family, Prime Minister Blair, Diana’s sister Sarah, the French embalmers, and Paris ambulance drivers. However, the jury concluded that the couple’s death was the result of their chauffeur’s reckless driving, prompting Al-Fayed to accept the verdict and relinquish further legal attempts to prove a conspiracy.

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