NCT 127 Discusses New Single ‘Attitude’ And Plans For Experimental Album ‘2 Baddies’


“Fast” is the first word spoken on NCT 127’s latest album, and it embodies the boy band’s palpable excitement and passion for their new music.


Sticker, the group’s last full-length release from nearly a year ago, became the act’s highest- and longest-charting project, peaking at No. 3 and spending 17 weeks on the Billboard 200. Their most recent release, 2 Baddies, which was released on September 16, is the record with which they intend to reach more fans with even greater ambitions and goals.

During an afternoon Zoom call in Seoul, the members express their excitement about an album that they see as pushing them as experimental K-pop artists who are fully committed to exploring different sounds. While the album openers “Faster” and “2 Baddies” embrace high-turbo energy alongside numerous racing and car references, the LP quickly shifts into new gears to explore various genres. There’s harmony-heavy R&B (the one-two emotional punch of “Gold Dust” followed by “Black Cloud”), heavy and feel-good hip-hop (on the chant-heavy “Tasty” and cheeky “Vitamin,” respectively), and the LP concludes with new sonic territory for NCT 127 via the rock-pop vibe of “LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)” and uplifting, grooving synths on the fan


The guys have high expectations for their 12 new songs and want to make sure the charts are ready for their impact. NCT 127 member Mark half-jokes, “Tell Billboard to get ready for our No. 1 spot,” before Jaehyun adds, “This is the attitude for 2 Baddies.”

Tell me about the meaning of the title 2 Baddies, the name of the album, and the single. It’s a one-of-a-kind title.


JOHNNY: The Korean title is “,” which translates as “too fast.” It’s about just moving forward, not caring what others think of you, and just going fast and looking ahead. And my interpretation of “2 Baddies” is based on a Porsche, because most of them are two-seaters. That’s how it all comes together to form “2 Baddies.”

You mentioned Porsches, and there are car elements throughout the album, including the songs “2 Baddies” and “Faster,” as well as the styling and video. Are any of you racing enthusiasts?

TAEYONG: I enjoy playing car-racing games like KartRider. How can I put it? I really like the blue fire nitro boosts. I really liked the concept; it’s right up my alley.

What made this the perfect comeback song? We haven’t heard a new NCT 127 album in quite some time.

MARK: In my opinion, the last two songs we released, “Sticker” and “Favorite,” were relatively new. For example, the concepts of “Sticker” and “Favorite” were very new and experimental for NCT 127. After nearly a year, we believe it is time to return to our roots. For 2 Baddies, all of our previous experiences were distilled into a single song and album. This time, timing seemed to come to us.

How did you get creatively involved with the album?

MARK: TAEYONG and I wrote some raps for the album’s songs, such as “Time Lapse” and “Designer.” Apart from being involved in the songwriting, we all took an active role in recording the album because we all knew that the long hiatus that we had before this album motivated us to [put] a lot more of our spirit and hearts into the recording. We all brought our A-game to the recording studio for each song, and we all had our own interpretations. Each and every one of us participated.

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