Original AC/DC Singer Dave Evans Says He Was The Band’s Best Vocalist


In a recent statement, original AC/DC singer Dave Evans asserts his position as the band’s best vocalist, while emphasizing the importance of embracing all members past and present.


Early Contributions to AC/DC

Evans, a founding member of AC/DC alongside Malcolm and Angus Young, drummer Colin Burgess, and bassist Larry Van Kriedt, reflects on his role in the band’s inception. He highlights his vocal performance on the band’s debut single “Can I Sit Next to You, Girl,” released in 1973.

Evolution of Vocalists

Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans boldly asserts his claim as the band's best vocalist, challenging fans to embrace all eras and singers. Read his bold statements here.

Following Evans’ departure in 1974, Bon Scott and later Brian Johnson took over as lead vocalists. Evans acknowledges the distinct styles of each vocalist and suggests that comparing them undermines the band’s collective legacy.


Defining AC/DC Fandom

Evans challenges the notion of favoritism among fans, asserting that true AC/DC enthusiasts appreciate the contributions of all members. He emphasizes the significance of the band’s founding lineup and its evolution through different eras.

Impact of Departure

Addressing his departure from AC/DC in 1974, Evans recalls financial disputes with management as the primary reason for leaving the band. Despite the departure, Evans emphasizes his role in shaping AC/DC’s early trajectory.


Legacy Beyond Vocalists

Evans concludes by underscoring the interconnectedness of AC/DC’s various eras, suggesting that each vocalist contributed to the band’s enduring success. He asserts his influence on paving the way for subsequent vocalists, Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.

Evolution of Bands with Second Singers

The evolution of bands with second singers serves as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of musical groups. Highlighting notable examples, these bands navigated transitions in vocalists while maintaining their musical identity.

Van Halen: Transition to Sammy Hagar

The addition of Sammy Hagar to Van Halen following David Lee Roth’s departure showcases the band’s ability to thrive amidst change, leading to continued success and chart-topping albums.

Pantera: Reinvention with Philip Anselmo

Pantera’s transition to Philip Anselmo as lead vocalist marked a significant shift in their sound, propelling them to prominence in the metal scene and solidifying their legacy as one of the genre’s most influential bands.

Iron Maiden: Success with Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson’s tenure as Iron Maiden’s vocalist propelled the band to new heights of popularity, cementing their status as metal icons and demonstrating the enduring appeal of their music.

Black Sabbath: Ronnie James Dio’s Influence

Ronnie James Dio’s contribution to Black Sabbath revitalized the band’s sound and ushered in a new era of success, highlighting the impact of second singers on a band’s trajectory.

Diverse Examples Across Genres

From rock to metal, bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and Faith No More navigated transitions in vocalists, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of musical groups in evolving their sound over time.

Continued Evolution in Music

The legacy of bands with second singers underscores the ever-changing nature of music, where artistic reinvention and adaptation play crucial roles in sustaining longevity and relevance in the industry.

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