Post Malone Shines In Captivating Tiny Desk Concert At NPR


Over its 15-plus years, the Tiny Desk has had the honor of hosting numerous pop, rock, and hip-hop luminaries. However, the stage recently illuminated one exceptional star whose humility and self-effacing nature shine as brightly as his music. Austin Richard Post, more famously known as Post Malone, graced the Tiny Desk with an unforgettable presence that left a lasting impression.


A Performance Filled with Surprises

Post Malone’s performance not only captivated the audience with his music but also with his candid charm. From good-naturedly lamenting the state of his singing voice to openly joking about his nerves, he exhibited a down-to-earth demeanor that contrasts with his global fame. His reactions to the exceptional band assembled for the performance showcased a genuine awe that’s rarely seen in such megastars.

A Symphony of Hits

Post Malone's remarkable Tiny Desk Concert showcases his humility and talent, performing his chart-topping hits in an intimate setting. Experience the magic of one of the world's biggest stars.

Post Malone’s selection of songs for the Tiny Desk Concert included some of the most significant pop hits of the 21st century. The concert kicked off with the evergreen “Sunflower,” a track that set an unprecedented record by achieving eighteen-times platinum certification since its 2018 release. Following that, the melancholic strains of “I Fall Apart” from 2017 and the soulful vibes of “Circles” from 2019 reverberated through the intimate space. The set concluded with “Enough Is Enough,” a track from Post Malone’s new album “Austin,” which was introduced to the world just a few weeks prior.


Setting the Stage Aglow

Accompanied by an ensemble of gifted musicians, including vocalists, instrumentalists, and a string section, Post Malone’s renditions were brought to life with a luminous arrangement. Each song was carefully crafted to create an ambiance that matched the intimacy of the Tiny Desk setting, resulting in an unforgettable auditory experience.

An Artist and a Joy

Post Malone's remarkable Tiny Desk Concert showcases his humility and talent, performing his chart-topping hits in an intimate setting. Experience the magic of one of the world's biggest stars.

Post Malone’s presence was not only appreciated for his musical talents but also for his infectiously joyful spirit. From the moments preceding the show to the interactions after the final note, he exuded a genuine joy that resonated with both the audience and the production team.


A Surprise for the Star Himself

Perhaps the most astonishing revelation of the night was Post Malone’s genuine surprise at the exceptional sound quality of the Tiny Desk concert. His reaction added an extra layer of authenticity to an already astonishing performance, showcasing the magic that can be created in the most intimate of settings.

Post Malone’s Tiny Desk Concert serves as a testament to the enchanting power of music in an intimate setting. With a lineup of hits that have left an indelible mark on the global pop scene and a performance that radiates authenticity and charm, Post Malone’s presence illuminated the Tiny Desk stage in a manner that will resonate with listeners for years to come.

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