Rare Spotless Giraffe Named Kipekee: A Unique Marvel


On September 5, 2023, the Brights Zoo in Tennessee delighted animal enthusiasts by announcing the name of a rare baby giraffe born without spots.


Kipekee – A Special Name for a Special Giraffe

After weeks of anticipation and nearly 40,000 votes from the public, the adorable 5-week-old giraffe was officially named “Kipekee,” a Swahili word that aptly means “unique.”

A Poll of Distinctive Names

"The Brights Zoo in Tennessee unveils the name 'Kipekee' for the world's only known spotless reticulated giraffe, a truly unique creature."

The zoo presented four name options for the baby giraffe, including “Kipekee,” “Firyali” (meaning unusual or extraordinary), “Shakiri” (meaning “she is most beautiful”), and “Jamella” (meaning “one of great beauty”).


A One-of-a-Kind Giraffe

Kipekee’s uniqueness extends beyond her name. She is believed to be the only known solid-colored reticulated giraffe globally, making her a remarkable rarity in the giraffe world.

A Historic Birth

Kipekee’s birth is a historic event, as she is the first giraffe of her kind without spots since one born in Tokyo back in 1972.


Growing Quickly

Born on July 31, Kipekee has already reached a height of 6 feet and continues to grow rapidly.

Curiosity and Exploration

Despite her distinctive appearance, Kipekee exhibits a laid-back and curious nature, showing interest in her surroundings and exploring her world daily.

The Science of Giraffe Spots

Giraffe spots serve more than just a visual purpose. Each spot or patch contains a network of blood vessels that act as a thermal window, allowing the release of body heat, an essential adaptation in the wild.

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