Remembering Hersha Parady: The Unforgettable Alice Garvey From ‘Little House On The Prairie’


Hersha Parady, renowned for her compelling portrayal of Alice Garvey in the beloved series ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ has passed away at the age of 78. Parady’s three-season journey as Alice Garvey left an indelible mark on fans’ hearts.


A Sad Farewell to a Beloved Character

Hersha Parady, acclaimed for her portrayal of Alice Garvey on the beloved TV series 'Little House on the Prairie,' has left us at the age of 78. Her three-season journey as the Walnut Grove schoolteacher touched the hearts of fans, though her character's tragic end remains etched in memory. Let's take a look back at her remarkable career and the impact she made in the world of entertainment.

Hersha Parady, known for her unforgettable portrayal of Alice Garvey on ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ has left us at the age of 78. Her portrayal of Alice Garvey, the schoolteacher in the acclaimed NBC series, captivated audiences during her three-season run.

Remembering Alice Garvey’s Tragic Journey

Alice Garvey, a central character in ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ met a tragic end in a heart-wrenching episode during the show’s sixth season. In the episode titled “May We Make Them Proud,” which aired as a two-hour special in February 1980, Alice heroically rushes into a blazing fire at the School for the Blind to save children trapped inside. This valiant act led to a heartbreaking finale for Alice’s character.


A Bold and Unforgettable Exit

Parady’s memorable performance as Alice Garvey was highlighted by a daring scene where she attempts to rescue trapped children from a fire. The scene showcased Parady’s dedication to her craft and her willingness to give her all for the role.

From Actress to Iconic Character

Born Betty Sandhoff on May 25, 1945, in Berea, Ohio, Hersha Parady’s journey to becoming an actress was destined from a young age. Her passion for make-believe led her to the world of acting, and she eventually landed the role of Alice Garvey, etching her name into television history.


Beyond the Prairie

Hersha Parady’s talents extended beyond ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ She graced both the big and small screens with appearances in films like ‘Raw Courage’ (1984) and ‘The Break’ (1995). Her presence was also felt on various TV series, including ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ ‘Second Noah,’ and ‘Kenan & Kel,’ where she portrayed Principal Dimly.

A Legacy and Family

Parady’s legacy is survived by her impactful performances and the cherished memories she leaves behind. She was also a dedicated mother to her son, Jonathan Peverall. Her passing marks the end of an era in television history.

As fans mourn the loss of Hersha Parady, her portrayal of Alice Garvey will forever be remembered as an integral part of the timeless show, ‘Little House on the Prairie.’

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