Remembering Ralph Cirella: John Stamos Pays Tribute To Howard Stern’s Make-Up Artist


In a heartfelt Instagram post, actor John Stamos mourns the sudden loss of his dear friend, Ralph Cirella, a renowned make-up artist celebrated for his collaboration with Howard Stern on various shows. Cirella’s passing at the age of 58 leaves a void in the entertainment industry, with Stamos expressing deep sorrow over the unexpected departure.


A Unique Soul: Stamos Reflects on Cirella’s Life

In the emotional tribute, Stamos remembers Cirella as more than a colleague, describing him as family and a “one-of-a-kind soul.” The actor shares poignant anecdotes about their friendship, shedding light on Cirella’s untapped potential and the unpredictable nature of life. Stamos emphasizes the importance of pursuing and realizing one’s dreams in honor of the late make-up artist.

“Ralph’s Berry”: A Fond Memory

"John Stamos mourns the loss of Ralph Cirella, Howard Stern's make-up artist. A heartfelt tribute to a one-of-a-kind talent and cherished friend."

Stamos reveals a personal anecdote about Cirella’s distinctive birthmark, affectionately known as “Ralph’s berry,” a source of endearment among the crew and Howard Stern. The actor fondly recalls his mother playfully mistaking the birthmark for a piece of red jello on Cirella’s upper lip, creating a cherished memory.


A Final Farewell: Stamos Expresses Love and Grief

The tribute concludes with Stamos expressing his deep love for Cirella and lamenting the thought of his friend departing the world alone. The actor bids farewell with a heartfelt message, “My dear friend, I will miss you so much. I love you, Ralphie boy. Rest in peace. HEY NOW XO.”

Hollywood Journey: From Radio Host to Make-Up Artist

Ralph Cirella, born in Connecticut, embarked on a diverse career journey, starting as a radio host before transitioning into cosmetics and costume design. Recognized for his work in Hollywood, Cirella gained prominence as Howard Stern’s stylist and consultant in the late 1980s.


On-Screen Appearances and Set Design: Cirella’s Contributions

Cirella expanded his role in the entertainment industry, making on-screen appearances in 1990 while continuing his work on costumes and special effects. He later served as a set designer for Howard Stern, showcasing his versatility and expertise. His notable movie credits include ‘Private Parts’ (1997), ‘Alien Space Avenger’ (1989), and ‘Welcome to the Max’ (1993).

The Friday Show and Net Worth: Cirella’s Impact

Cirella’s journey with Howard Stern’s show led to numerous on-air appearances, even hosting The Friday Show on Howard 100 radio briefly. According to Idol Net Worth, his contributions in the industry contributed to a substantial net worth of $1 million.

A Respected Figure: Tributes Pour In

While John Stamos announced Cirella’s passing through social media, family and close associates have yet to comment on this significant loss. As the entertainment industry mourns the departure of Ralph Cirella, tributes continue to pour in for the talented make-up artist who left an indelible mark on Howard Stern’s legacy.

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