Ryan Gosling’s Musical Gift: A Festive EP With Three New Takes On ‘I’m Just Ken’


In a musical venture that adds a festive flair to the holiday season, actor Ryan Gosling, renowned for his role in the recent Barbie film, has teamed up with the movie’s music composers to release an extended play (EP) album. This EP includes three distinct versions of the song “I’m Just Ken” – a holiday rendition, an acoustic interpretation, and a lively disco remix.


A Holiday Extravaganza: Gosling’s Christmas Version Takes Center Stage

"Actor Ryan Gosling joins forces with Barbie's composers to release a holiday-themed EP featuring three distinct versions of 'I'm Just Ken.' Chart success and award nominations follow the film's triumph."

The live recording of the first track, the holiday version of “I’m Just Ken,” was unveiled on YouTube by Atlantic Records this Wednesday. Gosling, who plays Ken in the Barbie film, charms the audience with a Christmassy vibe, accentuated by the inclusion of violins, dynamic drums, and additional background vocals. Prior to serenading the audience, Gosling, donning his sunglasses, playfully declares, “Because the world can have Ken’s voice, but only Barbie can have his eyes,” leaving fans enchanted.

Behind the Scenes: Gosling’s Artistic Collaboration with Composers

The accompanying video showcases Gosling rehearsing the song’s lines alongside the film’s composers and an orchestra. Before the performance, the Notebook star consults with Mark Ronson, one of the composers, seeking advice on whether to infuse the chorus with a touch of aggression. Ronson suggests that the Christmassy ambiance will provide a fresher feel compared to the delicate vulnerability of the original song.


Kenergy Unplugged: Acoustic Rendition Captures Gosling’s Confidence

Simultaneously, an acoustic version of the song was released, offering a new perspective on Gosling’s “Kenergy” – the confidence, energy, and self-belief central to his character in the film. This rendition, characterized by smooth lyrics and soft music, adds a serene quality to the concept of “Kenergy.”

Chart-Topping Success: “I’m Just Ken” Hits Top 5 on Billboard

The original version of “I’m Just Ken” gained significant recognition following the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, earning a spot in the top 5 on Billboard’s Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. The song garnered over 100 million streams globally, contributing to the film’s soundtrack album receiving 11 Grammy Award nominations. Gosling’s rendition of the song has also secured a nomination for a Golden Globe Award.


Ken the EP Goes Global: Available on Major Streaming Platforms

Titled “Ken the EP,” the musical collaboration between Ryan Gosling and Barbie composers Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt is now available for global audiences on various music streaming platforms.

In the wake of the success of Gerwig’s Barbie, which has received 10 nominations at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards, including Gosling’s song, the film has become the second most-nominated in the history of the Oscars, following the 1972 musical Cabaret.

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