Savannah Guthrie And Daughter Vale Embrace Their Inner Swifties Ahead Of Los Angeles Eras Tour Show


Savannah Guthrie, the esteemed co-host of ‘Today,’ recently embarked on an extraordinary experience with her 8-year-old daughter Vale. The duo found themselves among devoted Taylor Swift fans, eagerly anticipating the pop sensation’s Eras Tour show in Los Angeles.


A ‘Swiftie’ Spirit Unveiled

Savannah Guthrie and her 8-year-old daughter, Vale, share their excitement for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Los Angeles. Dressed in Swift-inspired outfits, the duo poses for an adorable photo-op, showing their true Swiftie love.

Guthrie and Vale’s affinity for Taylor Swift, often referred to as ‘Swifties,’ was on full display as they immersed themselves in the world of their favorite artist. This mother-daughter duo radiated excitement and anticipation as they embarked on a memorable journey to witness Swift’s iconic performance.

Capturing the Moment

Before the excitement of the concert, Guthrie and Vale took a moment to commemorate their anticipation. A heartwarming Instagram post, captioned “We are ready for it! @taylorswift 🩵,” showcased their radiant smiles and eagerness to partake in the upcoming musical extravaganza.


Fashionably Aligned with Swift’s Spirit

In a true show of their dedication to Swift, both Guthrie and Vale carefully curated their attire for the event. Guthrie, the ‘Today’ co-anchor, sported a black shirt emblazoned with “Swift 89” and a coordinating black jacket. Vale showcased her own Swift-inspired fashion, wearing a black “love” dress, a name-stitched jacket, and an array of vibrant friendship bracelets – all of which were showcased on Guthrie’s Instagram Story with the caption “We are….”

An Affection for Lyrics

The anticipation escalated as Guthrie’s Instagram Story revealed a slide featuring a snippet of Swift’s lyrics, accompanied by the caption, “Ready For It!!” This gesture not only captured their excitement but also set the tone for the thrilling adventure that lay ahead.


Sharing Candid Moments

Guthrie gave followers a glimpse into their concert experience through a series of snapshots on her Instagram Story. One slide showcased Guthrie and Vale sharing a joyful moment as they expressed their elation at “Seeing Taylor with my wildest dream girl.” Another slide captured their genuine reaction to Swift’s performance, accompanied by the caption, “Once In a Lifetime World Tour.”

Among the Swiftie Elite

Guthrie joined the ranks of notable celebrities who’ve experienced the magic of Swift’s sold-out shows, rubbing shoulders with names like Channing Tatum, Taylor Lautner, and Jennifer Garner, among others.

Balancing Roles

Beyond her moments of musical euphoria, Guthrie effortlessly transitions between being a devoted mom and her professional commitments. Whether rocking out with her daughter, delivering the latest news, or cherishing downtime with her children, Guthrie’s life is a dynamic blend of roles and responsibilities.

A Heartfelt Connection

In a poignant Mother’s Day post, Guthrie shared a candid snapshot capturing a moment of connection and love with her children, Vale and Charley. The accompanying caption, “Love my little people,” poignantly encapsulated the depth of her affection and devotion.

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