Stephen Colbert: CBS Didn’t Want To Show Kristen Stewart’s Rolling Stone Cover


Stephen Colbert, host of “The Late Show,” discloses that CBS requested he refrain from showcasing Kristen Stewart’s controversial Rolling Stone cover during his program. Stewart reacts to criticism surrounding the cover.


Colbert’s Revelation

CBS’s Editorial Interference

Stephen Colbert discloses on his show that CBS discouraged him from displaying Kristen Stewart’s recent Rolling Stone cover, citing concerns. Despite this, Colbert proceeds to exhibit the cover to his audience.

Stewart’s Response

Stewart Addresses Backlash

Stephen Colbert reveals CBS's hesitancy regarding Kristen Stewart's Rolling Stone cover on 'The Late Show,' prompting Stewart's defiant stance.

Kristen Stewart responds to the negative attention surrounding her Rolling Stone cover during her appearance on “The Late Show.” She discusses the societal double standard and confronts sexist and homophobic criticisms.


Stewart’s Stand

Challenging Societal Norms

Stewart asserts her perspective on the cover’s controversy, pointing out societal biases regarding female sexuality and expressing defiance towards detractors.

Context and Release

Cover Released Ahead of Film Premiere

Stewart’s Rolling Stone cover coincides with the release of her film “Love Lies Bleeding,” adding further context to the timing of the cover’s publication.


Variety’s Inquiry

Seeking CBS’s Comment

Variety reaches out to CBS for clarification and commentary regarding their decision to restrict the display of Stewart’s Rolling Stone cover.

Audience Responses

Variety of Reactions

Audience reactions to the controversy vary, with some expressing skepticism while others commend Stewart’s response.

Engagement and Interaction

Reader Comments

Readers engage with the article through comments, expressing opinions ranging from disbelief to support for Stewart’s stance.

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