SZA And Justin Bieber Ignite Passion In ‘Snooze’ Music Video: A Cozy Romance Unveiled


The sultry music video for the hit song “Snooze” has taken the music world by storm, featuring the dynamic duo of SZA and Justin Bieber. Released on Friday, the video portrays Grammy-winning artist SZA, whose real name is Solána Rowe, and the shirtless heartthrob Justin Bieber, aged 29, sharing captivating moments of closeness and passion.


A Tale of Love and Intimacy

"SZA and Justin Bieber create sizzling chemistry in the 'Snooze' music video, showcasing a tale of passionate romance and intimate moments."

In the video, SZA and Bieber, known for his chart-topping tracks, engage in a series of captivating scenes that explore the intricacies of romantic relationships. The video showcases SZA’s journey through love, with a unique portrayal of her interactions with five distinct romantic partners, including the electrifying chemistry with Justin Bieber.

Setting the Stage

The video begins with SZA and Bieber seated under a tree, setting a romantic ambiance. As the scenes unfold, the pair’s connection becomes increasingly evident as they transition from the outdoors to an intimate bedroom setting.


Musical Serenade and Seductive Interactions

As the chemistry between SZA and Bieber intensifies, the “Kill Bill” singer serenades Bieber while they share a mattress, creating an atmosphere of allure. Bieber, displaying his trademark charm, seductively crawls across the bed towards SZA, who playfully engages with the music.

A Heated Moment

The video takes a sensual turn as the duo ignites a joint, passing it between them, and the atmosphere becomes heated. However, the mood shifts as an argument ensues, leading to an intense exchange between SZA and Bieber. Amid the conflict, SZA’s emotions escalate, culminating in her throwing a pillow at Bieber’s tattoo-adorned chest.


A Mélange of Relationships

Beyond the intimate moments between SZA and Bieber, the video also features SZA’s interactions with other cast members. Notably, Woody McClain from “Power Book II,” “Beef” star Young Mazino, and producer Benny Blanco make appearances, contributing to the portrayal of the diverse tapestry of relationships.

A Sci-Fi Twist

Directed by Bradley J. Calder and co-written by Calder and SZA, the video takes an unexpected turn by incorporating a sci-fi element. The “Good Days” singer captivates the audience by giving a robot a mesmerizing lap dance, adding a futuristic and imaginative aspect to the storyline.

A Long-Awaited Collaboration

While SZA and Bieber have been admired by fans individually, this music video marks their first collaboration. Their on-screen partnership follows their joint appearance in Calvin Klein’s “Deal With It” campaign in March 2020.

Fan Favorites

Bieber’s affection for SZA’s work is apparent, as he and wife Hailey Bieber were spotted enjoying SZA’s music during her Los Angeles concert in March. The connection between the artists suggests a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s talents.

Looking Ahead

As fans revel in the sizzling “Snooze” music video, they can also anticipate an extended version of SZA’s sophomore album, “SOS,” with reportedly 10 bonus tracks set to be released later this year. Additionally, SZA is preparing for the second leg of her “SOS” tour, scheduled to kick off on September 20 in Miami.

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