The Morning Show Season 3 Review: Urgent, Layered, And Explosive Newsroom Drama


After an underwhelming second season, Apple TV’s The Morning Show bounces back with a follow-up that seamlessly incorporates burning topics into character arcs.


A New Beginning

"Explore the compelling world of The Morning Show Season 3 as it tackles burning topics and character arcs, making it an urgent and explosive newsroom drama."

The third season of The Morning Show returns with the same urgency, drama, and thrills of a thriving newsroom that made its inaugural season an instant hit.

Post-COVID World

Exploring how the previous season handled the COVID-19 pandemic and its relevance.


Character Evolution

An in-depth look at how key characters like Alex and Bradley have evolved in this season.

Cory Elison: A Standout Character

Why Cory Elison remains one of the best aspects of the show.


Tech Billionaire Takeover

A dive into the central theme of tech billionaires taking over legacy media giants and its relevance in the real world.

Meet Paul Marx

An introduction to the charismatic disruptor, Paul Marx, and his impact on the series.

A Reflection of Current Events

How the show incorporates real-world events like the January 6 US Capitol attacks and the Roe vs. Wade verdict.

Breaking News of a Show

A look at the broader range of topics covered in Season 3 and their impact on the characters.

Thought-Provoking Finale

The impressive and thought-provoking drama unleashed in the finale.

Summing up the significant elements and achievements of The Morning Show Season 3.


Information about where and when to watch the new season of the show.

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