Unveiling Neil Young’s Lost 1977 Album ‘Chrome Dreams’: A Track-By-Track Journey


Classic songs like “Powderfinger” and “Like a Hurricane” first appeared on this lost album, which Young tucked away in a vault for the past 46 years.


Neil Young’s 1977 album “Chrome Dreams” has remained hidden for over four decades, and its emergence sheds light on the early recordings of iconic tracks like “Like a Hurricane” and “Powderfinger.” While Young had released an album titled “Chrome Dreams II” in 2007, few were aware that it referenced an entirely different project from 1977.

Rediscovering “Chrome Dreams”

The Unveiling of a Hidden Gem

Neil Young recorded ‘Chrome Dreams’ in 1977 before locking it away for more than four decades. The original “Chrome Dreams” album remained largely unknown until now.


A Missed Opportunity

Delve into the hidden treasures of Neil Young's long-lost album 'Chrome Dreams,' where early renditions of classics like 'Like a Hurricane' and 'Powderfinger' resurface after four decades in the vault. This track-by-track guide takes you through the evolution of each iconic song.

In 2007, Young’s decision to release “Chrome Dreams II” puzzled many fans who weren’t aware of the existence of the earlier “Chrome Dreams” album. This lost gem from 1977 had been shelved in favor of “American Stars ‘n Bars.”

A Powerhouse Collection

Jimmy McDonough, Young’s biographer, described “Chrome Dreams” as a more powerful collection compared to the somewhat haphazard compilation of “American Stars ‘n Bars.”


Acoustic Focus and Raw Intimacy

Distinctive Musical Direction

Unlike the diverse range of styles in “American Stars ‘n Bars,” “Chrome Dreams” predominantly features acoustic recordings, offering a more focused musical experience.

Raw Unfiltered Moments

The songs on “Chrome Dreams” were captured in their rawest form, revealing the intimate essence of each composition. These recordings eventually found their way into subsequent albums like “American Stars ‘n Bars,” “Comes a Time,” and “Rust Never Sleeps.”

Unveiling the Past

Young’s decision to release “Chrome Dreams” is part of his ongoing effort to make his extensive collection accessible. This follows the releases of other albums like “Hitchhiker,” “Homegrown,” “Archives Vol. I 1963–1972,” and “Archives Volume II: 1972–1976.”

A Track-by-Track Exploration

“Pocahontas” – A Night of Brilliance

Recorded on August 11, 1976, Young’s solo session at Indigo Ranch Recording Studio resulted in the haunting ballad “Pocahontas.” The version on “Chrome Dreams” preserves the original 1976 recording’s rawness.

“Will to Love” – A Unique Style

A standout track, “Will to Love,” captures Young’s experimental audio vérité style. This song, reflecting his feelings of love and survival, remains a rare gem in his repertoire.

“Star of Bethlehem” – A Timeless Ballad

Dating back to the 1974 Homegrown sessions, “Star of Bethlehem” showcases Young’s emotional journey following a breakup. This track, featuring Emmylou Harris on harmony vocals, captures a profound sense of loss.

“Like a Hurricane” – A Dynamic Shift

“Crazy Horse” enters the scene with “Like a Hurricane,” a song known to many. The dynamic recording process and the addition of vocal overdubs give birth to a powerful rendition of this iconic track.

“Too Far Gone” – A Ballad of Regret

Young’s reflective ballad “Too Far Gone” features intimate acoustic and mandolin accompaniment, reflecting his emotions of loss and regret.

“Hold Back the Tears” – Delicate Emotions

“Chrome Dreams” introduces a homemade demo of “Hold Back the Tears,” a delicate composition where Young’s emotional vulnerability shines through.

“Homegrown” – A Long-Awaited Release

“Homegrown,” Young’s homage to homegrown marijuana, resurfaces after being shelved for decades. Its complex history of different versions culminates in its inclusion on “Chrome Dreams.”

“Captain Kennedy” – A Personal Ballad

“Captain Kennedy” emerges from the 1980 “Hawks & Doves” sessions, reflecting Young’s emotional state and a personal narrative set against the backdrop of war.

“Stringman” – Haunting Resonance

The haunting piano ballad “Stringman” finally gains exposure, thanks to its inclusion on “Chrome Dreams.” This track’s history involves various live performances and recordings.

“Sedan Delivery” – A Dual Existence

“Chrome Dreams” unveils the slower, stoned-out version of “Sedan Delivery,” offering a fresh perspective on a track previously known in a faster form.

“Powderfinger” – Iconic Resonance

“Powderfinger” stands as one of Young’s most beloved tracks, chronicling a tragic tale. The original solo acoustic recording from the 1976 Hitchhiker session resurfaces on “Chrome Dreams.”

“Look Out for My Love” – A Studio Anecdote

The gentle ballad “Look Out for My Love” reveals an amusing studio incident that spurred the right take. The version on “Chrome Dreams” captures the essence of the song’s emotive narrative.

“Oceanside/Countryside” – A Glimpse into the Future

Young’s plans to release “Oceanside/Countryside,” an album originally recorded as a solo acoustic project, offer further anticipation for Archives III, hinting at more hidden treasures yet to come.

The release of “Chrome Dreams” not only uncovers Young’s lost 1977 album but also provides insight into the evolution of some of his most iconic tracks. This newfound collection of songs invites listeners to experience Young’s creative journey in its purest form.

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