Benzino Opens Up On Emotional Level About His Ongoing Feud With Eminem In Drink Champs Interview


On the recent episode of Drink Champs released on February 17, 2024, Benzino, the veteran rapper, poured his heart out during the two-hour-long podcast interview. The conversation revolved around Benzino’s enduring rap feud with Eminem, revealing unexpected emotions and insights.


Emotional Revelations and Rap Battles

In the emotionally charged interview, Benzino passionately discusses his feud with Eminem, even going as far as declaring victory in their rap battle with the track “Rap Elvis.” Throughout the conversation, influenced by alcohol, Benzino expresses a desire for reconciliation with Eminem, stating that he doesn’t harbor hate and is willing to embrace unity.

Personal Toll: Impact on Family and Relationships

"In a candid interview on Drink Champs, Benzino gets emotional discussing his enduring rap feud with Eminem, expressing a desire for reconciliation."

Benzino, visibly moved, shares the profound impact of his feud on his relationship with his daughter, Coi Leray. He recounts how the animosity affected Coi Leray’s entry into the industry, creating a perception that she needed to be on good terms with Eminem due to the ongoing conflict with her father.


Plea for Unity in Hip-Hop

Towards the end of the interview, at the 2-hour and 30-minute mark, Benzino calls upon fellow rappers in the hip-hop community to set aside differences and come together in unity. The plea underscores the toll that longstanding feuds can take on individuals and the broader hip-hop community.

Benzino’s Past Reflections on Eminem Feud

In a previous Instagram Live session on February 1, Benzino had already expressed his perspective on the rap battle with Eminem. Asserting his victory, Benzino defends his diss track “Rap Elvis” and calls out Eminem’s fans for their biased reactions.


Long-Lasting Feud: From 2002 to 2022

The feud between Benzino and Eminem dates back to the early 2000s when The Source, a magazine Benzino was affiliated with, publicized an old tape containing racial slurs by Eminem. Despite legal battles, the feud persisted, and in 2022, Benzino once again targeted Eminem, labeling his fan base as the most “non-violent coward fan base hip-hop has ever seen.”

Ongoing Hip-Hop Feuds

As the interview unfolded, Benzino’s emotional journey resonated with other longstanding hip-hop feuds. The history of rap conflicts, from 50 Cent vs. Fat Joe to Machine Gun Kelly vs. Eminem, serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics within the hip-hop industry.

Varied Feuds: From 50 Cent vs. Jadakiss to Drake vs. Common

The interview also touches upon other notable hip-hop feuds, including conflicts involving 50 Cent, Meek Mill, Jim Jones, and even non-rap entities like MC Hammer and Jay-Z. These conflicts highlight the diversity of issues and personalities within the hip-hop landscape.

Call for Resolution: Benzino Appeals for Unity

In the grander scheme of hip-hop, Benzino’s call for unity becomes even more poignant, urging artists to move past feuds and focus on collective growth and collaboration.

Benzino’s emotional interview on Drink Champs sheds light on the personal toll of rap feuds and emphasizes the importance of unity within the hip-hop community.

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