The Playboy Murders: Decoding Roy Radin’s Dark Connection To Son Of Sam


Delve into the mysterious ties between Roy Radin and David Berkowitz, as the 1983 murder of Radin sparks speculation and shocking revelations.


Alarming Allegations and Cult Practices

Explore Vinny’s claims of cult practices and Satanic beliefs linking Radin and Berkowitz. Learn how the final Son of Sam murder was allegedly intended for a snuff film.

Investigative Efforts and Recovered Evidence

"Explore the chilling ties between Roy Radin and David Berkowitz revealed through Vinny's claims and shocking allegations of cult practices in this investigative report."

Discover the efforts of Gannett newspapers reporter Michael Zuckerman and investigative journalist Maury Terry. A King James Bible recovered from the crime scene strengthens Terry’s belief.


Arrests and Murder-for-Hire Plot

Learn about the surprising turn of events as four individuals, including Karen Greenberger, are arrested in connection to the murder-for-hire plot related to The Cotton Club.

The Playboy Murders Season 2 Episode 6

Get a glimpse of the widely covered case of Haller as it unfolds in Season 2 Episode 6, titled “Horror in the Hamptons,” airing on February 19, 2024, at 10 p.m. EST.


Roy Radin’s Association with Son Of Sam Killings

Uncover the reasons behind Roy Radin’s association with the Son of Sam killings. Vinny’s claims and connections to the mysterious figure with the initials RR are explored.

Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness

Follow the narrative as the Netflix docuseries picks up on the story, with Zuckerman and Terry attempting to break the unsolved case and linking RR to Roy Radin.

Radin’s Dark Past and Allegations

Examine Roy Radin’s troubled history, including allegations of brutal acts and involvement in sadomasochistic activities, shedding light on his connection to the Son of Sam case.

Maury Terry’s Investigation and The Ultimate Evil

Join Maury Terry on his quest for answers, traveling to Copco Canyon in 1988. The discovery of a King James Bible and its alleged connection to Satanic activities fuels Terry’s convictions.

The Fate of Roy Radin

Learn the tragic end of Roy Radin, found shot to the head and decomposed in Copco Canyon. Explore the circumstances leading to his demise and the arrests of those involved in the murder-for-hire plot.

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