BTS Takes Over Busan With Massive Free ‘Yet To Come’ Concert In Support Of South Korea’s World Expo 2023 Bid


South Korea’s BUSAN — On Saturday (Oct. 15), 55,000 fans crammed into Asiad Stadium in this southeastern port city, wreaking havoc in South Korea’s second most populous city to watch BTS’ massive free “Yet to Come” concert. Thousands of the superstar K-pop group’s ardent fans, known as the ARMY, were among those who were unable to obtain highly sought-after free tickets to the 90-minute event.


Jin, the group’s eldest member, is at the centre of all developments surrounding BTS, and he is expected to join the military by the end of the year if no sudden changes are made to the country’s compulsory draught legislation. In the midst of the political drama — and after announcing over the summer that the group would be taking a break to pursue solo projects — BTS has agreed to serve as an ambassador for the World Expo 2030, which Busan hopes to host.

This is the culmination of three years of roaring and cheering for us. “We haven’t been able to scream at the top of our lungs for the boys in three years,” Elle Kwak, who attended the show with two friends, told Billboard. “The concerts earlier this year in Seoul were quite underwhelming, as it was agonising not to be able to clap or make noise for the members on stage.” We could tell it was difficult for the members as well.”


Due to COVID-19 restrictions at the time, the three Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul concerts in March strictly prohibited any loud noise or clapping from the audience.

Kwak and her friends, like many other fans who were sitting on the ground or setting up camp near the entrance gates, watched the show from their smartphones outside the stadium because they weren’t among the lucky fans who received a golden ticket. Instead, they arrived with blankets, warm coats, and mufflers to keep them warm in the cold weather.


For fan Ash Hackworth, the concert brought back memories of BTS performing at London’s Wembley Stadium.

“Like in 2019, this is a festival of the world coming together,” the 32-year-old Los Angeles native said. “The excitement is what drew me here, and it’s what will keep me dancing even when I’m not inside the stadium.” It’s also noteworthy that some songs will be performed for the final time, as RM mentioned in a live stream a couple of days ago.”

But, at the end of the day, there were more happy tears than sad tears. BTS demonstrated a desire to continue group activities well into their later years in a series of closing remarks by all seven members.

“I think we’re at a point where we need your trust,” said J-Hope, who was the first to speak up about the group’s future during remarks.

“Although it’s unfortunate that the concert is coming to an end, it’s not like we only have today.” We will continue for the next 30 years… and even perform when we’re 70 years old,” Jimin joked.

For Asaka Inoue and her mother, the final section of the concert was what made their trip from Tokyo worthwhile.

“I was worried that there would be a sad announcement during the concert, but I was relieved to hear how the members said they were committed to staying as a group,” said the 26-year-old, who took four days off from work to visit her mother in Busan.

RM ended the night with what every ARMY had been hoping to hear from their “idols” all night. “Right now, all seven members are thinking the same thing. “If you give us your trust, we will continue to make and perform music,” RM said.

Busan is one of four cities competing to host the World Expo, a global trade fair planned for 2030. Other cities under consideration include Rome, Odesa, Ukraine, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The winning host country will be decided by the Bureau International des Expositions next year.

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