Jennette McCurdy Reveals ‘The Moment I Broke’ While Working On ‘Sam & Cat’ With Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy rose to prominence as recurring cast members on Nickelodeon shows. When the two co-starred in a third show, Sam & Cat, on the kids’ network, McCurdy claims she was treated unfairly in comparison to her co-star, who went on to become one of the world’s biggest pop stars.


Sam & Cat aired for one season, totaling 35 episodes, before being cancelled in 2014. “The Way,” featuring Mac Miller, and “Baby I” from Grande’s debut album, Yours Truly, charted in the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100.

When Sam & Cat was canceled, the “Positions” singer took to Twitter to thank Nickelodeon for giving her the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream. For treating me like family, understanding that I have other commitments in addition to my music career, and introducing me to many of my fans from the beginning of my career.
Rumors circulated just before the show’s conclusion that Grande and McCurdy were feuding over the former’s higher salary. In 2014, the two-time Grammy winner took to Twitter to clear the air. “The rumors circulating about our contracts and pay not being equal are absolutely ridiculous and false,” she tweeted at the time but has since deleted it. I have no idea who is spreading these ridiculous quotes, but I wanted to clear the air and hopefully put a stop to it.


Later that year, in her web series What’s Next for Sarah? McCurdy appeared to take shots at her former costar Grande, despite Grande’s tweets denying any conflict with McCurdy. Gloriana, a show character, wears her hair in a high ponytail, claims to be vegan while carrying a leather bag, and boasts about how wonderful her life and career are, just like Grande.

McCurdy, who worked with Grande during her meteoric rise to international fame, talked about it on her podcast, Empty Inside. “She’d have to miss work because she was being pulled in so many directions,” the Swindle star continued. That week, they decided that her character needed to be trapped in a box so that she could perform at the Grammys, and I was like, acting on this show with a box while she’s off at the awards show?


McCurdy has not appeared on screen since her Nickelodeon days, and she has explicitly stated that she will not return for the iCarly reboot on Paramount+ in 2021. In her memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died, her mother Debra, who died of cancer in 2013, is portrayed as a controlling figure.
McCurdy allegedly describes the humiliations she endured while working for Nickelodeon and claims the network offered her $300,000 to remain silent about her time there. Furthermore, she claims that a supervisor she refers to as “The Creator” pressured her to begin drinking while she was still a teenager on set.

Billboard sought comment from Nickelodeon for the New York Times piece, but the network ultimately declined.
According to the New York Times, “”I was exploited throughout my childhood and adolescence.”
Even now, the mere mention of it elicits an emotional response in my nervous system.” There were times when people meant well but were simply unaware. This was done on occasion, and when it was done, it was done purposefully.

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