Logan Paul’s WWE Aspirations And Proudest Performance Against Roman Reigns


Logan Paul is determined to conquer the world of WWE, and he’s not just talking about wrestling for fun. In a recent interview, Paul expressed his ultimate goal of securing WWE championships, specifically held by the formidable Roman Reigns. Despite his current involvement in the boxing world, Paul has made it clear that WWE gold is what he covets.


A Grudge Match in the Boxing Ring

Logan Paul's remarkable WWE journey, from a sensational match with Roman Reigns to his dream of capturing WWE championships.

While Logan Paul prepares for his co-headlining role in the upcoming Judgment Day boxing pay-per-view, where he faces off against Dillon Danis in a highly anticipated grudge match, his heart still belongs to the squared circle. His commitment to boxing hasn’t dimmed his desire to return to WWE and challenge Roman Reigns for the coveted championships.

A Pivotal Moment in WWE History

In a historic match last November at Crown Jewel, Logan Paul faced off against Roman Reigns, marking only the second singles match in his wrestling career. The encounter was nothing short of sensational, with Paul delivering a performance that captured the hearts and imaginations of wrestling fans. Notably, Paul’s frog splash on the announce table, while recording himself with a cell phone in hand, became an iconic moment in WWE history.


Paul’s Proudest WWE Performance

Logan Paul considers his match against Roman Reigns as his proudest moment in WWE. It was a defining moment in his wrestling career, where he took a significant step toward defining his character and establishing himself as a legitimate pro wrestler.

A Credible Threat to Reigns

Roman Reigns played an essential role in making Logan Paul look like a credible threat during their 26-minute main event. Paul’s undeniable talent shone through, with his performance against Reigns surpassing even his subsequent matches against other wrestling stars like Seth Rollins and Ricochet.


A Hit List for WWE

With his return to WWE on the horizon, Logan Paul has his sights set on taking on some of the biggest names in the wrestling world. Both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are on his “hit list,” and he’s determined to make his mark in the WWE ring after his boxing match against Dillon Danis.

Wrestling’s Dynamic Trio: Okada, Ishii, and Tanahashi

In the world of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, three legends have come together to form an unlikely but formidable trio: Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, and Hiroshi Tanahashi. While Okada and Ishii have a shared history in the CHAOS faction, Tanahashi’s presence as an outsider adds an intriguing dynamic to the team.

Harmony Amidst Disparate Styles

Despite their differences, Okada, Ishii, and Tanahashi have managed to coexist successfully, as evidenced by their recent defense of the NEVER Openweight six-man tag team championships. Their unity was in stark contrast to the disharmony within their opponents’ team, ultimately allowing them to retain their titles.

Okada’s New Challenge

For Kazuchika Okada, holding the NEVER Openweight titles marks a significant departure from his usual singles championships. Teaming up with Ishii and Tanahashi is an exciting prospect for him, and he anticipates that their contrasting personalities will continue to make their team dynamic compelling.

A Team to Watch

The trio of Okada, Ishii, and Tanahashi promises a thrilling ride for fans, with their differences becoming their strength. As they look ahead to Wrestle Kingdom in January, the wrestling world is eager to see how Tanahashi and Ishii navigate their unique partnership.

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