Taylor Swift’s Generous Donation To Kansas City Non-Profit


Kansas City, MO – After her electrifying performance with two sold-out shows at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, global superstar Taylor Swift surprised the community with a significant act of kindness. In July 2023, Swift made a substantial donation to Harvesters, a prominent food bank serving the greater Kansas City area. This generous contribution, orchestrated by Swift’s team, remains undisclosed in terms of the exact amount. However, it has played a vital role in providing thousands of meals to those in need throughout the metropolitan region.


A Surprise from a Global Icon

 Taylor Swift's surprise donation to Harvesters food bank in Kansas City, with a heartwarming Travis Kelce connection.

Sarah Biles, the director of communications at Harvesters, expressed her astonishment at Swift’s unexpected act of charity. As Swift made her mark with her remarkable performances in Kansas City, many wondered if the food bank where Biles works would be acknowledged by the famous musician. Shortly after the concerts, Swift’s team reached out to Harvesters, announcing the forthcoming donation.

“We were quite surprised,” Biles remarked, emphasizing the word “generous” to describe the donation’s nature. She noted that this benevolent act has helped address the pressing issue of food insecurity in the Kansas City area.


Swift’s Widespread Philanthropic Endeavor

Swift’s benevolence extended far beyond Kansas City. As she toured across 20 cities in the United States, she quietly penned checks to support local food banks and hunger relief organizations. These organizations are affiliated with Feeding America, a national network dedicated to combating food insecurity. Harvesters proudly stands among the institutions aligned with this initiative.

Critical Timing

Swift’s contribution arrived at a critical juncture when many pandemic relief programs, which previously provided substantial federal funding to combat food insecurity, had come to an end. In the Kansas City region, the threat of food insecurity continues to affect one in eleven individuals. Over the past year, Harvesters supplied more than 61 million meals to residents across 26 counties within the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.


“In total, it’s a significant contribution to hunger relief, and it’s so gratifying to see that she’s chosen a cause like this,” Biles shared. She highlighted that Swift’s decision to raise awareness about hunger is as meaningful as the donation itself.

Kelce’s Connection

Notably, Taylor Swift’s involvement with Kansas City’s charitable efforts also has a connection to Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end. In March 2020, Kelce, now rumored to be dating Swift, pledged to donate the cost of 12,000 meals to Harvesters, effectively doubling the generous donation made by Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs’ wide receiver at the time.

A Chiefs Game Connection

Adding a layer of intrigue, Swift attended a Chiefs game in Kansas City late last September. Kelce had extended an invitation to the global superstar to witness his gameplay. Now, Harvesters has expressed their interest in Swift getting more involved.

“You know, Harvesters is really close to Arrowhead. We’d be enchanted to have her come by for a visit if she ever wanted to learn more about what we do and the impact of her donation,” Biles suggested. “Or, if she wanted to support the Chiefs Kingdom food drive, which happens at the game on New Year’s Eve and supports Harvesters, we’d be forever and always grateful. NYE seems like a good game for her to attend, doesn’t it?”

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