Matt Riddle’s WWE Absence, Last-Minute Raw Changes, And Vince McMahon Speculation


Pro Wrestling and MMA enthusiasts often indulge in speculating about the latest rumors surrounding the industry. In this daily column, we delve into the current rumors circulating in the world of professional wrestling.


A Reminder on Rumors

"Stay informed about the latest pro wrestling rumors, including Matt Riddle's absence from WWE shows following an incident at JFK, last-minute changes to WWE Raw, and speculation surrounding Vince McMahon's involvement in the final WWE-produced show. Dive into the world of wrestling gossip with Cageside Seats."

Before we dive into the latest gossip, it’s essential to remember that rumors are just that—rumors. None of the information discussed here has been officially confirmed; it’s all part of the ongoing rumor mill. We track rumor accuracy through our weekly feature called “Rumor Look Back,” which you can find here. Always take these reports with a pinch of salt.

Rumors for the Day

Matt Riddle’s Absence

PW Insider reports that Matt Riddle was notably absent from last night’s Raw in Norfolk, Virginia. Furthermore, it is expected that he won’t be part of WWE live events in Idaho and Washington this coming weekend. Riddle had initially been scheduled for these house shows but withdrew following an incident at JFK airport over the weekend.


WWE’s Silence

Wrestling Observer notes that WWE has remained tight-lipped and has not responded to any inquiries regarding Riddle and the JFK incident. Dave Meltzer has labeled Riddle’s absence from Raw as “noteworthy” in light of this.

Travel Challenges

Talent members working both last Friday’s Superstar Spectacle and last night’s Raw faced significant travel challenges. Their journey involved a grueling 19-hour flight to India, followed by immediate media interviews and the show itself, before embarking on another 19-hour flight back to the United States.


Last-Minute Raw Changes

Fightful Select reports that plans for Raw underwent multiple revisions just before the show began. For instance, there was consideration for Cody Rhodes to open the show at one point.

Vince McMahon’s Involvement

Amid speculation about Vince McMahon making changes to the last Raw produced under his ownership of WWE, it has been revealed that Vince “hasn’t been physically present in months,” according to Sean Ross Sapp.

Authentic Social Media Exchange

Haus of Wrestling has verified that the social media messages exchanged over the weekend between Mike Santana and Ortiz were genuine and not part of a scripted storyline between the two.

Zilla Fatu’s Departure

Zilla Fatu, the son of Umaga, is no longer associated with Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling school and promotion. Booker T revealed on his Hall of Fame podcast that Fatu’s departure was due to “irreconcilable differences.”

These are the latest rumors circulating in the world of professional wrestling. Keep in mind that these reports are unconfirmed, and the accuracy of rumors can vary. If you come across any intriguing rumors, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Always approach these rumors with caution, as they may or may not turn out to be accurate. Stay tuned for more pro wrestling news from Cageside Seats.

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